September 17, 2009

The tides are still high..

Pic Source : Hey that's me..!!

To the love of my life..

A n a N y a

There's magic around and the tides are high,
Our love is powerful;it's touching the sky..
There is a force in the waves from our heart,
Love is flowing from us right from the start..

It's been long and old since i found my princess;I found you,
But how do i tell you that the feelings are still fresh and new..
How do i tell you that you're still the one i love and will be forever,
Love from my heart;affection from my blood will go away never..

I still get a smile on my face when someone says your name,
I still want just you;I want no money no fame..
I still get shivers down my spine when you say you're mine,
It still twinkle up my eyes;it still makes my heart chime..

I wanna be your prince charming from the very first day,
That wish made me crazy;that wish made me say..
Say those eternal pure words which are meant only for thee,
I've so much love in my heart;I wish it was visible;I wish you could see..

Things may get worse,things may get bad,
Don't be upset for a moment,Don't be sad..
Don't think all those songs were a lie which i made for you and sang,
Because your prince charming hasn't died he'll be back with a bang..

You're my baby,you're my girl;you're the one i love the most,
The tides are still high,they are not on the coast..
Close your eyes and hold me steady and tight..
Let's fly over;Let your magical eyes be our light...


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