September 12, 2009

The Verdict

The judge is almost shouting at the top of his voice, “Order, order in the court”, while simultaneously tapping his gavel. The gallery is very noisy. Everyone there is laughing.
A court hearing is in progress. MIND, the plaintiff versus HEART, the defendant.

The celebrated case: HEART over MIND or MIND over HEART?

The witness on the witness stand is in sweat testifying to convince the judge that the HEART must be followed and not the MIND. He further attested that he saw her heart, beating so fast every time she saw him. And he further uttered that he would hurt when they can’t be together and would miss her terribly in her every absence.
The counsel for the MIND shouted, “Objection, your honor”! But the judge, with a suspicious smile on his lips, implied, “Objection overruled!”
Finding no defense at all and feeling he’s losing his case, he finally said, “that is all, your Honor”, the counsel expressed to the Judge.

The counsel for the defendant was requested to step up and present his witness, too.
The witness took his oath to speak only the truth and nothing but the truth.
“Mr. Witness, what have you to say of the plaintiff”? asked the counsel for the plaintiff.
“I think, the MIND should rule over the HEART”, said the witness in a very airy disposition. “Because,” he added, “the MIND always thinks what is right, always decides what is right and he is a fair judge of one’s feelings, like you”.

“Objection your honor”, says the counsel for the defendant.
“Objection sustained”, the judge said and a tap on his gavel went loudly.
“Yes, Counsel for the defendant, what have you to say”?
“I objected because the witness is unfair, he is hard-headed, he has no feelings at all and I guess, he must be sick in the mind and definitely, he has no heart at all”.

The people in the gallery laughed loudly while clapping their hands.
After a long rebuttal, the judge ordered that the verdict be read. He looks so tired and weary handling the case since time immemorial. Maybe, it’s high time that he renders the verdict now.
THE VERDICT: After hearing both sides of their sworn testimonies and statements, and by virtue of the power vested in me by law, I, the Fair Judge, do hereby order that this case be closed and that the MIND should never rule over the HEART because this will surely kill people in love. And this would result to a gruesome, bloody end which will extinct the human race. Spare the human race. Let’s procreate! To sustain their existence! And that would only happen if the HEART will rule over the MIND. Let the MIND act as fiscalizer only over the decisions of the HEART. I further declare that the MIND is found guilty of manipulating the feelings of the HEART. And therefore will be sentenced to LIFE IMPRISONMENT over the HEART.

Then the gavel went, Tap! Tap! Tap!
Laughter from the gallery is heard again. And then the laughter faded… faded…faded…away… and there’s no one left in the gallery except the poor judge who rendered the wrong verdict because he believed in all his intellectual capacity that the MIND should always rule over the HEART. Poor, celibate Judge, he never learned a lesson and surely he will die a pauper at heart.

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