September 14, 2009

Lets dance along the waltz of winds.

Okay, so I tried to come up with something ‘different’ and I hope it is something ‘different’. You guys would know better. I’m amicable to all the suggestions or comments you guys may have to give.
Enjoy. Cheers :-)

While I hope for future to be
as pleasantly warm as winter’s sunshine,
as refreshingly cool as the summer morning,
as beautifully colourful as the rainbow,
as crystal clear, from the dust of mishaps
as the tears of immortal joy.

While I hope for future to lie
in the arms of clouds,
and shower the rain of love
on my deserted soul,
and take me to the bank of river with the flow,
and place me in the boat of affections,
to take me to the island of perfections.

While I hope for sun to rise from my doorstep,
for moon to sneak in my embrace for rest,
while I hope for stars to shine with the extreme zest,
Will you be the ‘one’ to give my hopes a nest?

Come, hold my hand and let us fly
over the mountains of disappointments,
and let past vanish in a whirl of dust.
Let us reside in the valley of new ‘hopes’.
And let the ‘love’ hold us closer and tighter.

Let us fly through the fog of obstacles,
through the thick and thin,
let us reach where ‘You’ and ‘I’
would dance along the waltz of winds.


  1. I know I don't blog quite often but guys I still love it and I do often come and read the posts. And I feel at lack of words to comment because I think I'm still at the very early stages of learning to 'write'. Your comments, or suggestions will be very ecouraging for me.

    Cheers :-)

  2. hey
    long time...where wer yu??

    nice post btw...
    and lols yu dnt need to say that excuse of learning hw to write

    yu write quite keep commenting


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