September 14, 2009

Retweet Retreat

Welcome to my first Retweet Retreat.
I use twitter @ selfloveblog.
I have 1800+ followers and I love to retweet

Link up your(not others.. only your) url, that you would like to be retweeted by me.

For the name..leave your twitter id.

I will retweet

RT @YOURNAME 'Topics name' 'Tiny url'

You need to tweet this

link your url to be retweeted by @selfloveblog on Retweet Retreat Mcklinky #retweetretreat

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  1. this is retweet retreat!

    a way for me to find bloggers who write great articles and like to tweet.

    check out the links.
    each one of them is excellent.
    i have retweeted 1o artlces till now.

    this way ..instead of me searching articles to talk about in my tweets...articles are coming to me!!

    i have posted this mclinky
    my 2 blogs

    it ain't easy to garner interest in you as well as develop followership with like minded people....this is my idea!!!

  2. and no one dares to spam and link bad articles...Brent Riggs..owner of Mcklinky has very harsh reporting systems if some one tries to misuse it!!! :)


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