September 14, 2009

cricket quiz - 5

The cricket Quiz will be posted every Friday and the answers to the quiz must be sent to me via email ( on or before Wednesday. Therefore the last day for this quiz is 23rd of September. Please write in the subject cricket quiz.

The answers will be published every Friday with another set of questions along with the winners of previous quiz. Answers to Cricket Quiz - 4. Please note the next quiz will be published only on the 25th.

1.) Name the first bowler to take 600 test wickets.
Shane Warne

2.) Which two batsman share the most ODI century opening partnership?
Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly

3.) Which ground hosted the first ever international test match?
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Australia vs. England in 1877.

4.) In 2004 which batsman set a World Record with 497 test runs between dismissals?
Sachin Tendulkar. He scored 241*, 60*, 194* and 2. And Yes I am a huge fan of Tendulkar.

5.) Name this bowler,[HINT - He played for Northamptonshire].
Frank Tyson.

The Winner(s) of the Quiz are, Deepak Balamurali, and Chirag Joshi.
- Congrats.

This weeks questions are,
1.) Which legendary Indian spinner has the figures 12-8-6-1 (read as overs-maidens-runs conceded- wickets) against East Africa in 1975 World Cup?

2.) Which Australian captain was nicknamed 'Captain Grumpy'?

3.) In which city is the Gaddafi Stadium located?

4.) Which year was the Wisden Cricketer's Almanac first published?

5.) Name this famous English batsman [In the Picyure] . [HINT - He played for Surrey]


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