September 1, 2009

The good people

“what does that picture look like, it’s pretty though.”
“Maybe if the girl turns around it would be scary”
“You and your weird jokes”
“Maybe I am even wrong about the sex , hehe”
“You are the king of weird, maybe the person who made it must meet you, give all views and angles to his work”
“Nah! It’s pretty as it is, maybe some things should be the way they are”
“Like us, we will always be just friends?”
“What’s wrong in that?”
“There’s nothing wrong it’s just that with age things should mature too, like a relationship”
“Ok, I’ll read out fountainhead to you instead of champak while making love”
“That’s all you think about”
“But I am good at it, hehe”
“You and your stupid hehe”

word count-130


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