September 1, 2009


continued from Riya Rocks post

She was fuming with intense anger,her eyes puffed with countless tears.She bent down and picked up a stone from ground and threw brutally in the sky,straight at the face of sparkling moon,hidden behind the hazy clouds in the dark blue sky.
"Why me....",she burst into tears with unendurable pain,fall on the ground,lie there lifeless weeping for the long hours.Her screams echoed on the solitary sea shore until no one responded.Her tears hit the rocks and shattered into thousand of pieces.Her life was strangling at that deserted land and there above in the vast sky,moon gazed with wistful eyes and mysterious smile,because he knew,what she thought was the finale,actually was the dawn of one of the most glorious and opulent sunshine.

P.s. We always tear apart at these moment but we never realize that life always has stock of best things for us in future until and unless it arrives and then we understand that everything happens for a good reason.I could not hold back my words that's why I continued your post Riya,I hope you won't mind.

words count: 175

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