August 6, 2009


Dark eyes,black clothes,she hides behind her shadows.Got skeletons in the closet and all over the house.Every door,she locks it,and tucks the key away in her spider web blouse.And when she walks by people gape at her like she's insane.They don`t hear her cry,they don't know her pain.She lays down at night soaking in misery.What a terrible life ,she has no choice but to lead.No one sees the ebony tears of mascara run down her face.They judge her a misfit,a misshappen disgrace.But she feels just like all the rest,even though she didn't pass the high social status test.Most dont even bother with the courtesy of treating her like a human being.It`s amazing how so many blind claim to be seeing.But one day they're all gonna walk into a wall.One day they`ll know what it`s like to be her. One day they're all gonna fall.Until then she`ll wait and endure their scorn.To them her first mistake was being born.But its ok she has her shadows to hold close.It`s all she can count on and all she'll ever know.
S: I am new to this place.I'm Tschang and I love writing and I believe that I can learn a lot from you people .I actually never knew how to join this lounge.Finally my eyes grabbed the id at top and I would like to thank the admin for inviting me here.

Next time,
Tschang H


  1. great write welcome to the lounge

  2. I loved this write-up! It was simple...yet the choice of words and your narration style has made it extraordinary! :)

    Welcome to the lounge Tschang... :) This is Artz here... :D :D

  3. Thank you 'Artz'

    for the appreciative comments. :)I wish to write like you people :)

  4. Welcome to the lounge Tschang...
    brilliant write up to start with... poignant n dark...

    "It`s amazing how so many blind claim to be seeing"
    superb thought... Loved it..

  5. Good work dude:).Simple yet a beauty..!

    Welcome to the lounge:)

    This is aMaR..!!


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