August 7, 2009

Life ......... Death

Voices if siren
Cries of people
Silent my tears
Eyes closed with fear
Heart getting wild shivering my mind
And there I hear a voice
Between those cries
Voice pulling me itself so strong
I was hard to beleive
But I had to leave
As dawn falls just before the dusk
I felt something
But could see nothing
I want to cry i wanted to speak
But my eyes were shut my lips were sealed
And then I saw him
A shiny angel casting his spell on me
As they touch my heart
The spell made me at relaxed
But I hope for death
He came near and said
' You are still alive you are not dead '
So I nodded my head
A tear rolled down as
I was alive but I feel so dead !


I am sorry guys I know I am posting here after couple of months and even after a long time i am posting a very ordinary piece but beleive me I am not fine.. I hope by this poem you can easily understand what I am facing..


  1. I loved it Insy...\m/
    How u doing gal?? not seeing u online from a long time...hope u doing good...

  2. u seem 2've read my mind in d end whn u said-"..A tear rolled down as
    I was alive but I feel so dead !"..

    nice work..

  3. Hey Insi,

    Things will be fine very soon! :)

    *hugs to you*

    This was a nice write! :)

  4. Brilliant piece of work..!!Would really love to read some more from you..!!


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