August 9, 2009

Flitting reflexions

Dark inside, all that’s visible is
the innumerable dotted windows of the train, somewhere distant
that’s running parallel to our bus.

It’s raining heavily,
the window’s pale, with condensed water droplets coming to life
one an easily write his name on the window
I wrote “Anirban”...
The rain was splashing against the window pane.

Someone wants to relieve me of my pain
Someone wants to soothe the scars
Someone plain jealous
Suddenly there was light

I could see the heads , swinging with every move of the bus...
Ignorant of the beauty that lied outside their shut windows...
But as the bus behind us overtook us, the headlight wasn’t available and we plunged into darkness again...

Why so? Why this?
How much should I prove myself?
Is life all about proving oneself?

I turned to my left, tried to spot the train…
only to find that we were far behind from the train.
The train had raced much ahead of us...
While we still remained in the darkness

Let the rain get over, we will speed up,
That was all that could console us.
While the passenger beside me rubbed the pane to get a clear view of the outside.


  1. u've raised a very valuable point here...."Why so? Why this?
    How much should I prove myself?
    Is life all about proving oneself?"

    left me pondering...

  2. It did the same to me.I think everybody will feel the same.Could relate to the think you wrote.
    Keep Writing buddy:)


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