August 29, 2009

I wonder what u are...

Ruling the dark night,
with shimmery illusion of sight,
reflecting the glossy light.
I wonder upon your power with delight.

Gazing on earth through the misty clouds,
on the sea-shores with silence aloud,
or on the rush filled city crowd.
I wonder upon your boldness,for you am proud.

Serene,calm and you're found composed,
drifting each day without any pause,
with glorifying elegance,as if fulfilling some purpose.
I wonder staring at you,clueless.

Beauty in you sparkles the sky,
you fade with every dawn without any sigh,
since ages,you've been tale for a child's cry.
I wonder what you are, awaiting for a reply.

PS : word count - 109 words...


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