August 28, 2009

Cricket Quiz - 3

The cricket Quiz will be posted every Friday and the answers to the quiz must be sent to me via email ( on or before Wednesday. Therefore the last day for this quiz is 2nd of September. Please write in the subject cricket quiz.

The answers will be published every Friday with another set of questions along with the winners of previous quiz.

1.) How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score in his first two ODI's for India?
Zero (0). He scored ducks in both matches.

2.) Who holds the record for most sixes in test cricket?

Adam Gilchrist

3.) Which venue hosted the first International T20 match?
[HINT - The match played was between Australia and New Zealand.]
Eden Park, Aukland on 17-2-05. The match was won by the Australians by 44 runs.

4.) Which Pakistan legend wrote an autobiography called "All Round View"?
Imran Khan.

5.) Name this West Indian cricketer [In the Picture],
Sir Garfield St Aubrun Sobers (Gary Sobers).

The Winner(s) of the Quiz are, Deepak Balamurali, Armaan Ahmed, Kirby Meehan, Stephen and Vikas Yadav.
- Congrats.

This weeks questions are,
1.) Against which team did Sehwag make his debut as captain in tests?

2.) Who made a score of fifty or more (50+ runs) in nine consecutive ODI's for Pakistan?

3.) Which player has the magical match figures 19-90 (19 wickets for 90 runs)?

4.) Name the bowler who took a hat-trick against Kenya in the 2003 World Cup?

5.) Name this bowler,

Good Luck.

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