July 24, 2009

WL Mumbai Meetup --------- Its Time!!!!!

Hi Guys,
Rohan and I finally came to the conclusion that sum1 had to take da onus of wakin da people from Mumbai from their reverie.....The Writers Lounge celebrated its 1st anniversary and our friends from Chennai and Bangalore (Not to forget "The Vitruvian Boy's" special celebration) came together for the occasion. We boast of one of the higher number of members active on the lounge but still when it comes to meeting up, we hold back.......C'mon guys!!!!
Wakey...........Wakey........Time to get up and get dressed......Lets make dis thing happen!
Please leave your consent in the comments section!
Details are as given below:

WL Mumbai Meet
Location (Tentative): Bandra Reclamation
Date: 26th July 2009.....cant help if da date has u cowering wid fear! :P (Guys from Mumbai wld know wat I mean! ;)

Time: Yet to be decided!

Who's gonna b der????? (Members who have already given der consent)



Neha, Anurag nd Ilashree: sorry guys cldnt get in tch wid ya on saturday.....bt thanx atleast fr responding to the invite nd expressing interest....means a lot! :)

PS: Plz Dont keep a track of this post for updates! Coz guess wat no one's coming! Cheers! :)

PPS: And guys leave it u now, to plan.......take ur time, adjust ur calendars, take appointments, do evry kinda thing dat can make a 2 hour meet possible! Here's wishing you luck!


  1. @ Prats

    Thank u so much! hope evryone turns up nd it actually happns! ;)

  2. @ Arun
    Thnx so much!

    Its funny to see evryone except da guys frm Mumbai replyin! kewllll!

  3. Hey, Even I know what you mean by 'FEAR' on the 26th... I am sure there is something good that could happen on the meet... so, go for it...

    Aur doston, ye High Tide Low Tide to ate jate rahenge... dont worry... :)

    Ana jana laga rahega, sukh ayega, dukh jayega...

  4. hey no haste work dude...i guess august first or mid week wud do......nd guess wht most of wl members r frm mumbai around 14 or 15...so definitely it needs to be planned appropriately.....so we need to give time... .

  5. @ ste

    k...dude...leave it to u guys den! plan!

  6. rofl @ haste work and planned appropriately

    Baby ka delivery nahi hai :P

  7. me missing mumbai even d more now coz of d meet happening there :(

    anyway TWL mumbaikkars,jai maharashtra n have a blast ;)

  8. @rohan

    yup do rofl

    u do decide nd make the plan without consulting other mumbai guys......nd yeah i knw yeh koi baby ka delivery nahi hai...

    damn mera results lagne wala hai.....me bit fkd up .....god save meee

  9. nice one yaar
    best of luck to all of u
    have a gr8 time

  10. Guys guys, its so nice to have a meet .... I really would love to attend, but its just a suggestion, please plan it before July 31, cause after that I am leaving for Lucknow for a month.

    But I don't want to miss this meet.

    So please, can we have a pre-mature delivery ~!!



    Please do take my words in considertaion.

    yuuhuu! :)

  11. @ Purple

    Ur words are in consideration straight away! :)

    keep an eye out fr dis post fr da latest on da meet! tc! :)

  12. hav a great time! and photos zaroor lena!

  13. so meeting at the head-quarters of lounge finally...

    click pics!


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