July 24, 2009

Conversations with The PINK ORCHID

Hey people.....while many of you slept lasyt night, someone came silently to the lounge. But she wasn't as silent as she thought she would be. Kajal a.k.a the Pink orchid was here....as she is every other night...to read our posts. She left comments on the shoutbox and we caught up to her. It was on her request that i am posting the entire conversation...She misses you guys...like anything

Read on-

Kajal: i am always around guys and i miss all of you!! I have left blogworld but i am always around. thanks sandeep, ste, saim and Arv for not forgetting me. take care y'll. god bless!!

Kajal: and belated happy birthday to TWL. Like Asbah said, I'd like to make my grandchildren visit this page. lol and the way my life is moving at a jet speed, that day doesnt seem far!

Kajal: Arthi and Vinu.. keep smiling you guys.. I will always always cherish you ... Prats, I am so glad to see you back. and I am so so happy to see my cute little Artz back to her smiling self.

Kajal: Arjun..kaisa hai oye? take care of yourself alright.. hey Tan! after a long time i am here 'yet another sleepless night at WL' hhahaaaahh remember? miss you Tanmoy da.

Kajal: Nusrath, Arun, LPS, Sonshu, FL..wished to tell you that you guys have been really sweet and kind.. and how nice to use this chatbox to write a mini post when all of you are fast asleep..

Sona: kajal, is that u..our own kajal..

Sona: can we chat kajal?

Sona: oh dear u have forgotten me.. well it used to be Roshni.. im so happy to see u here..

Sona: do write to leo... misses u so much..

FL: kajal yu ther?

FL: pls reply something

Kajal: hey roshni.. yes the same Kajal .. i am totally off internet .so dont even have an email id..could you tell vinu aka leo that i was thinking of him..i miss the brother i have in him..

Kajal: hey FL.. long time..

FL: omg kaj...hw r yu?

Sona: will surely do.. how he will wish he was here right now

FL: vinu is really sad dear...atlst cntct him once...he virtually left the lounge

Kajal: fl please do me a favor.. everything that I have written here in the chat box..could you please copy paste it as a post and post it here..i'd be really grateful

Sona: home u doing fine.. u can see for urself how much u are missed.

FL: kaj we had a Wl chennai meet...wish yu wer there

FL: i wil kaj...definitely

Kajal: please do it now..otherwise all of it will get erased as we chat further.. i am so grateful you are here.. really wanted to speak to someone who belongs to this heaven..

Ps(Prats): hellos kajal .. good to see ur name on lounge !!!

Kajal: hey Pratsie.. how i miss you.. how have you been girl.. ?

Ps(Prats): been good .. but a bit angry wd u .. sachchi ... how cud u leave jlt ?? never thot of anyone ??

FL: this is not fair kaj...where are you?

Kajal: ah i couldnt stay.. and i wanted to leave quietly..if i spoke out i;d have been made to stay by all the sweet people i know. i couldnt Prats...call me a coward..but didnt want to see hurt

Kajal: though i know some of you are really really missing me..and me too..i miss all of you.. i come here every night after everyone leaves..

Ps(Prats): u hurt some one a lot more u know... wish i cud talk to u some where else !

FL: n if you guys tok...add me too!!!! i am nt leaving you too

Tan: Hello People... Hi Kan.... long time.. how are you??

Kajal: i cannot even fathom the hurt that i have caused.. i am not an author here anymore FL..i am just so grateful that i am still remembered..

Ps(Prats): fl... can u NOT be there fr a min ??

Kajal: long time Tan da.. i am good..how are you.

Kajal: hahahaaahah let FL be Pratsie.. i am realising it more and more how much i have missed this funny guy

FL: i wil post the entire shoutbox

Tan: I'm fine too... missed you at times... but then, you were on a new road - thought you must be having a joy ride How is everything?

Kajal: that'll be really sweet FL..

Ps(Prats): we have got an overdose kinda laughing gas !!!

FL: oi whens the wedding?

Kajal: lol @ Prats

Ps(Prats): u mst have gone fr chennai loungers meet gal...

Kajal: It's in June..

FL: next year! damn!! too long...as we all know...no one from the virtual world is invited

Kajal: i have just pulled myself away from blogging..with a fear that may be the reason behind my happiness might not understand my passion to blog..i thought i'll end up quitting anyway..so why not now?

FL: i dunno how ur blog interferes with your happiness...which side of ur brain did you actually use?? grrr

Tan: Hey Kajal, Cant be here for long... My wishes are always with you.. Keep in touch and keep writing... remember? NOT LEAVING FOR ANYTHING!!! Hope you do Keep happy

Kajal: i'd not make false promises FL..but i am really not inviting any of my friends.. real and virtual -never made a difference.. friends are friends and they are always real..we all know that..

Kajal: you guys are as real as it gets

Kajal: thanks you Tan da..will think over it for sure..

Kajal: and hey FL.. it's that thing about 'expressing your emotions publically'.. everyone doesnt understand the importance of blogging .i did but may be someone else very imp. to me might not understand..

Ps(Prats): den come n write again... not ur blog,.... just on lounge maybe

FL: its so true....god we miss you

Kajal: Prats, you know how i couldnt get enough of this place. ..but now i just feel i wont be able to do anything which i cannot talk about with everyone around me..no matter how i wish to..i might never be able to blog again.

FL: where are you kaj? chennai?

Kajal: I miss you too FL..and hey your penguin and grasshopper one is heart warming ..had me smiling throughout.. you have grown into one hell of a writer.. congrats dude!

Tan: But anyways, that poem (@FL) Was not an Acrostic, by rule

Kajal: yeah FL.. but for a very short period of time..

FL: omg! you read that!!! aw....thanx a ton gal...aarthi will be super delighted

Kajal: hhheehheeeh and thus spake Tan.. i miss your expertised comments Tan da.. have always looked up to ya..

FL: kaj...i wil find out where yu live hehehe

Kajal: of course i did.. i know this is not the right mode to ask.. but is something very special cooking, FL? hmm?

Kajal: lol @fl

FL: lol...we are frnz kaj...very special, closest,bestest frnz

FL: besant nagar???

Kajal: cool FL.. you are the lord of guessing world..

FL: oh i wil find you...know the colony...have to find the house

Kajal: hhahahah achha ji..

Tan: FL meant Bestestest!!! @FL, Wohi tera Penguinwala poem... a nice poem, but due... hmmm... not an acrostic for sure

Tan: Kan, as you are here and I am already missing you more, this song is for you tonight... some scribblings, that I could not write is sung in there.. listen to it

FL: @tan...woh aarthi ne likha tha :P

Ps(Prats): i miss u .... but i will never forgive u dear fr leaving ! sorry but thats true .. sigh!!

FL: @ kaj...itna toh bata...jitna guess kia , correct hai

Kajal: guess karta reh Mridu..

Kajal: tan..which song?

Kajal: i totally understand and respect that Pratsie..i would have been hell pissed if i was at your place..

FL: grrrrr.....y is it so imposible to b angry at yu?

Kajal: because you practice yoga..and your anger management technique is fantashtic.. .hheheheh

Tan: Click on my name in that comment here... I am getting obsessed with the song now - this is the 4th time in a row!! Listen to it girl...

Tan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOmJXQ96qo4&feature=related

Ps(Prats): fl... focus u can n shud b angry !! atleast act well

Kajal: hey wonderful song Tan.

Tan: Listen to the song FL... dont get into the video or the singer etc... it meant a lot to me sometime ago.. when I almost told my heart out!! And now, its like a great song!!! Again!!

Kajal: hhahaahahaah Pratsie.. you are so cute.. and the best part is you know it..

FL: i know i should be...but this gal is here today...and i just wanna forget everythng

Kajal: i was always came here.. but never could bring myself to type anything in the chatbox..

Ps(Prats): i tried to wake up leo... but his number is switched off he is neway upset wd me today

FL: look at you...few months yu were away and yu already messed up ur english

FL: yu stole the soul away dear...lounge was never the same again

Kajal: Pratsie..please tell vinu whenever you get to talk to him..that i had to leave..and telling him would have made it very difficult for me..he is the brother i never had..and will always be..

Kajal: i am too overwhlemed with emotions right now to type anything properly FL..and that's a huge thing to say FL..

Kajal: lounge is too big an entity, to special a place for it to lose its soul when someone goes missing..

Ps(Prats): n kajal.. u dare try to flatter me main nahi maanungi !!!

Kajal: lounge is getting back to what it used to be...and i am so damn happy about it..

FL: i wil be coming online every night from now

Kajal: lol.. i know Pratsie.. but i meant it..

Kajal: aweeee how sweet of you FL..

Ps(Prats): i cnt take care of leo like u kajal... he has lost a part of himself

FL: who else is online now? i told everyone at twitter i could that kaj is here

Ps(Prats): he will neway read this all tomorrow,,, he has d pwd fr cbox !

Kajal: i know Pratsie..could you just tell him that Callie will always wish to see him strong, healthy, happy, ever so creative and in high spirits..

Kajal: FL.. you are making me feel really important now.. i just thought i'd quitely drop a 'hi' and leave..and then no one will notice..

FL: no no...everyone wil read it...do yu have any idea how much i have to edit?? oh am loving it

Kajal: FL.. if possible post this entire chat alright..it'd be really kind.. i could never bring myself to actually say anything when i left.. just wanted everyone to know that i miss you all

Ps(Prats): wat r u editing fl ??? dnt u dare cut the comments on YOU

Kajal: yup... Pratsie.. has a point ...lol..

FL: lol...m not editing all that yu silly gal...i have to reverse the lines from bottom to top

Kajal: oops yes.. how dumb of me not to think of that.. too much of work FL..do it only if its possible..

Ps(Prats): he he,,,, okies .... kuch kaam to karega !!

Ps(Prats): oye... tu kab se itni formal ho gai ??? pagali !!

FL: very funny...i wud gladly do it...n mis pratsie...tujhe toh main dekh lunga

Ps(Prats): ya ... maybe nex mnth u might see me FL

Ps(Prats): dnt worry kajal .. FL will do it all right ...

FL: kewlll.....so kaj ki bachhi...hws yu re??

Kajal: hhahahahahha formal nahi..bus aise hi.. koi is bechaari ke liye apna kimti waqt kyu barbaad karega.. sniff sniff.. *gets melodramatic* nahiiiiiiii..

Ps(Prats): drama queen !!!! sudhar ja

Kajal: i am happy.. i am balanced..i am finally on the grounds of reality ..out of dreamworld..

Ps(Prats): too mature !! not my style

Kajal: hahhaahahah drama queen.. old habits die hard

FL: god!! i wish yu replied on the lounge's bday...i even wrote on my post that plssss reply

Tan: Take care... have fun and keep in touch Kajal... BOL!!

Kajal: surely Tan da..

Kajal: which post are you talking about fl?

FL: i wrote sumthn on its bday....wrote in p.s for yu n asbah to visit once

Ps(Prats): hey kaj .. remember u promised to meet me some day ! wen will u fulfil dat ??

Kajal: okies FL.. and it is really sweet of you not to have forgotten us..

Ps(Prats): huh ! who can forget best two ladies of the lounge ??

Kajal: I don't know Pratsie.. i am really not sure..just too much into this thing called 'future'.. if something comes up will let you know somehow.. i will come looking for you here..

Ps(Prats): he he ,,,, and if i come to chennai ???

Kajal: do write a post about your plans of visiting.if i am around i will come knocking..

Ps(Prats): not again u start this "mutual admiration society plz"

FL: include me in

Ps(Prats): seems FL did not listen to wat i said
Ps(Prats): uh uh .. sun liya ...

FL: :P

FL: ok...kaj kaha gayi?

Ps(Prats): oye pinkie ...

Kajal: guys its about to be 4.. i hate to leave now.. i dont know when i'd be able to catch you guys like this ..but eyes are burning..i'd hit the sack now..A GROUP HUG TO Pratsie, FL, Tan da and Sona..

Kajal: and Vinu..i'll never forget you.. pleassssssssseee remember that!!! now smile and bring down that anger just a little bit so that smiling ain't all that difficult...i miss you bhaai !!

FL: hugsie my dear...wil be a vampire from tomoro...in the lounge...if yu r here..better shout out

Kajal: sure will FL.. and i will have tears when you post this chat.. tears of joy.. it seems like ages since i read my name here...'pink orchid' is still alive..is just missing from all the happening dats

Kajal: take care guys..hope to find you here soon.. or should i say hope to find myself here soon.

Ps(Prats): *hugz* n loads of love n wishes swt hrt ...

Ps(Prats): remember once i wrote a poem on u : pink fairy ! .. stay so

Kajal: thanks Pratsie.. hugs!!

FL: gudnyt sweets....may god bless you

Kajal: i will always cherish it girl

Kajal: bless you too sweets..

P.S| She comes to read everyday....hope you catch up with her next time.
God bless you girl, wherever you are
Admins...please keep this post at the top for the remainder of the day


  1. OMG! Kaju was here last night.. Damn i missed it.. Tho i dunno this girl tat well, sometimes missed her in the lounge.

    Kaju wherever u r i wish u all the happiness in the world dear..

    Love u .. Muah!

  2. u wer here.....all da time! Kajal.....i dnt want to nd dnt need to say nythng.....da one who gav us hope nd persuaded us innumerable times from quittin, left us....widout even givin us an opportunity to try...to thank her!

    da Lounge is jst not da same! nor is everything else....but i find content in da fact dat u r happy dis way! u tc of urself!

    wishes r always wid u! :)

  3. oh Kajallllllll ...!!

    Wld it be boring to u ti hear if i'd say- I missed u too ... :)

    Really missed u ya... Sent u a few mails.. dint get a reply.. tht u myt be busy...

    But very very glad to hear frm u...

    Nice conversations btw :)


  4. Oh it was so much a bliss to talk to you dearie ... keep visiting like ds :)

  5. oh welcome.....
    anyway hope u r fine and thanks for remembering every1 in WL...loved it...good luck for ur future ... hope u r fine 'Meow' tom :P


  6. made for a grt read....miss u kan ...

  7. i don't know what to say...
    i m not getting words...

    i don't think a "miss you" would do justice

  8. Now isn't this a priceless surprise...this has made many a days to come (God only knows how much I needed sumthng like this)
    Kaj...happiness shalt be yours forever...be happy, be safe...keep the goofy smile:)
    Sowwie Prats...am a pathetic actor!!!

    I dun need to say that I miss you...I have once again forgotten how to write poems, cnt write a line to save my life now [am assuming I could write one earlier:P]

    am glad to knw tht u r here everynyt...omnipresent Kaaju:P
    Wishes n blessings...Take care:)

  9. Ohh n thnx Mridu, Prats, Tan n Sona for being thr...it was only coz of u guys tht The Pink Orchid bloomed again:)
    Special thnx to Mridu for putting in so much effort to post this chat:)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Kaj...I do understand the reason for which u left, all I'll say is that I so hope that "that someone" who may not like the idea of one's feelings being expressed on a public space does in fact turn out to like the idea and makes u get back here... *wishing n praying*

  12. Hey Kajal,

    Areeyyy mera shona was here! :)

    I am so very glad to know that you come here every other night and you read us.
    I do know that it has been so long since we have seen PINK ORCHID written somewhere here...but that 'PINK ORCHID' is etched in our hearts Kajal... :)
    Thank you for all your prayers... they are being answered and yes I am kinda getting back to my smiling self... :) All thanks to you! :)
    Thanks and am so so glad that you remember me still... I am really angry with you that you have left us here... but I do understand why!

    I love you Kaju... All the very best to you for future... You truly deserve all this happiness and even much more. Loads of love and luck to you... :)

    Keep Smiling... and please do get in touch with me once! Will you? *Puppy Face*

  13. @ FL,

    Thanks for this. You have made my day! :)

  14. Oh Kajal...
    Miss you so much gal..My best wishes always with you wherever u r...

  15. wat was i doing last night???!
    Stupid me :(

    Miss you Kajal...really:)

    but be happy...wherever you be:)


  16. OMG kajal was here and i missed it :(
    My bad luck :(

    Kajal i just want to tell you i miss you a lot...seriously!

    i don't know what more do i say because frankly i m wordless i so miss you

    Just want u happy and happy forever and ever
    I would surely wish a miracle brings u back....maybe the reason that made u leave will understand and bring u here....because you do belong here !

    Miss you girl!

  17. At last...
    ... We made it up on the WL again - a Co-post... isnt it? ...

    It was sleepless again yesterday night and all what is written above were nothing but scribbles!!!

    Thanks - all of you :)

  18. Damn!! I missed the moment! Oh No!!

    I miss you girl! Your writings, your Blog.. ... :(

    Awww Come back again!

    Glad that you rmb me..

    Love you always!

  19. God bless you Kajal!!

    And yeah FL.. Thanks da!

  20. How did i miss u yesterday...? I was online till 1...
    am so happy u remember me Pinky...
    miss u lots...
    I wish u have a happily-ever-after with ur 'reason for happiness'.... come here often...

    Great job FL...

  21. i missed it too....
    I stay awake and online almost every night....

    and yesterday i had a DC.... :O

    And kajal turns up....

    Life is .....

    hope next time i catch her.... :D

  22. an intresting post midni8 rendezvous of sorts :..dint knw tat d lounge wud be awake so late ;)

    gud job dude..

  23. hey kajal where are u yaar
    iam missing u most
    u are the one who are my companion and my suppoter in Hindi poems and other post
    come back to blog world

  24. Damn i missed it !!! oh....hope shes online the next time i come!

  25. hey Kajal....how are you dear?? may all the good wishes be with you and may all the happiness be with you,..!!!

    and dear.. i hope you come back soon...plese come back kajal....we are missing you..!!!

  26. hey kajal... so nice to hear frm u...!!!... i had disappeared for a while n wen i came back u had disappeared.. it was shocking to not see u on WL anymore... u were d heart n soul of d lounge... everyone cherishes u here ... i understand u have reasons for leaving... but still drop in once in a while n post something ... it ll make such a big difference to everyone here.. u hve no idea.. !!

    anyway... i never got an opportunity to interact much wid u.. but i kno u r a very sweet gal... jus b happy n keep smilin always... let d pink orchid always b in bloom... ciao...tc...

  27. Dear admin, could you repost this one as a bday gift for me pleassssss!

    The Pink Orchid


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