July 24, 2009


aaj dil shaant hai ..
yeh ajeeb baat hai..
roz to sau geet banata hai
kuch sanjota,kuch mitata hai..

fir aisa kya baat hai
ki aaj ye aise chup chaap hai!
koi gam nahi, na koi shiqva
koi chaah nahi, na koi sapna..

sukoon ki safed chaadar hai,
koi nai subah ki aahat hai,
ek naya din ugne ko hai
mann mera aaj udne ko hai !

PS : I don't knwo why i feel so much to write in hindi these days ... but i promise i will translate each of my poems in english soon !


  1. Thanks darling..You know why!

  2. Thanks Pratsie... :)

    You inspired me to write a sequel to it... Hope you like it~! :D

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  4. good one
    srry bt it could be better

    some gramatical mistakes

  5. hey girl hie,
    Thanks for the threatning e- mail..m scared ... lols:P ... I didnt know jus one post can make smebdy so jealous ... it seems my work has some strength ... sounds good ... n abt the competition ... u can remain no.1 i have no probs ... I write for fun ... not for competition :)

    Cheers !!!
    and God bless:)

  6. Sorry gal .. i checked this comment jst now .. forgot to tell that some one is using my name to send mails !! Its not me !!! :(


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