July 21, 2009

WL meet - Bangalore..!! Photos tagged

(Sry guys, had posted this in a hurry yesterday. Have tagged the photos now, so that you can recognize who's who. )

Over To Prats -

After numerous calls and messages sat night, finally the meet was decided for Sunday 3pm. Oh I was already supposed to be bit late but i was very late ( I reached 4:45pm ! and i had attended so many messages and calls by that time) As soon as i entered the area, i saw Arjun, Hashan, Tan and his wife engrossed in talking. Did i say area ? yes I did .. coz we met at "Coffee world" which is neither a closed place nor an open area. Its the centre of a mall so sort of open area !

I was meeting Tan for the first time but it wasn't difficult to recognise him anytime you meet.So we got started with the orders and talked of the lounge, the loungers and so on to Tan's wife. She looked really happy to be there and was the most welcome guest at least for me ( I was afraid i would have to bear all "Guy's talks" otherwise ;) ) We talked of the loungers who could not come to the meet - Leo's dad wasnt well yesterday , Vasudha could not be contacted and Bard , we talked of our weekend - how it went till we met, what each is busy doing generally .. and so on .. We meanwhile talked to few loungers from Chennai too - I remember talking to FL, Artz, Thoorika (yes gal.. i heard ur hello myself) and Gul ( will buzz u soon dear ) !

Half an hour later, Abhri joined us. Time was not just 5:30pm .. it was suddenly so alive .. Tan's friends came to pick him up, Meena joined us, and so we were suddenly a party of 9 people ! Abhri was in a real jolly mood as he dared to give me a new nickname - "The Boss" ( waiting to meet you again and kick you ).. It was really good to be amidst so much talking and laughing.. After Tan left, we sat and laughed a bit more while Abhri made me the target of his comments and meena supporting ! Arjuna nd Hashan wre obviously enjoying the laughs ( next timw it will be you both on the hot seat i promise :P )

Abhri too left by 6 since he was being a good host to his brother. And that left me, meena, Arjun and Hashan at the same place. The real torture of the guys started then as me and meena talked non stop of movies, books, writes and all. Tan returned to just say goodbye again. We discussed about a lot of loungers - Ste, Asbah, Insiya, Illashree, Arun (yes we talked of your fictions), Maverick, Hashan's fibs, Arjun's funny posts, Vasudha, Pri, Mona and so many of you ! And we talked of blogging - why , how, when, the addiction, the pleasure, its meaning to us.. phew !! By 8pm i was so much tired though i did not want the day to end ! But finally we parted in another 15 min - with biig smiles on our faces !

Hope we all meet again very soon ! And i wanna meet vasudha this time fr sure ! ( Take it as order from "the Boss" and please paln something again soon )

Ok! here i end my journal .. over to Arjun to tell anything i missed !
Thanks to everyone who came even for half hour ..
Love ya all
*Group Hug* !

Heya all, It's me Arjun now.

I guess Prats said it all. By the end of the day I sat wondering- Usually a friendship starts with a hand-shake, introduction, moves onto a conversation, understanding of each other, finally ending up being best of friends. It was kind of funny yesterday in a way that the process was quite the opposite. We bloggers, we blog our hearts out that we know each other so well even before that first "hand-shake". Amazing isn't it.

Anyway, just wanna say it was lovely meeting all you guys-
Tan and Maitri. It was really wonderful to have met the bubbly, adorable couple you are. :)

Prats - as usual.. talks, talks and talks. A perfect partner for keen listeners like me and hashan :P

Meena- You were a surprise and such a pleasant one at that. Loved your talks and company throughout. :)

Hashan- Enjoyed your company man. You are cool. :)We must catch up on a few non sci-fi movies this time. ;) ryt na ?? ;)

Abhri - You, we learned that are a very silent person and you talked the most yesterday. Yeah, the boss said it. ;) .. We call her 'Teacher'. ;)

And then we had a few visitors- Tan's friends- Premangshu and Kumardeep (Guitarists). Enjoyed your company too guys.

Hope we keep doing this more frequently for we want sundays to be just this way. Loved meeting u all once again. Here are a few pics. Enjoy!

Hashan, Myself (Arjun) and Tan.

WL couple :) - Maitri and Tan.

Any guesses?? ;)

3 different expressions. I decided to be the joker.

Meena with a cute kid.

Abhri (h), Tan, Hashan, Arjun, Maitri, Prats, Meena, Premangshu (Tan's friend- a guitarist)


  1. Heyy,

    This was just fantastic! TWL members thoroughly enjoyed the sunday! :)

    We'll soon be posting about TWL Chennai Meet! :)

  2. oh damn, i missed it...

    lemme quit WL... i can't blv i so missed out on this fun!

  3. Arjun .. please give names below the pics .. n can u run a spell check please .. i have made so amny mistakes while typing !! btw, thanks for the pics ...

  4. @Artz : yes ! we all had fun !!

  5. Arjun .. count me in for the movies too ! and u know m anytime ready to meet you guys !! We surely should plan such weekend outings :)

  6. @Leo : u can better plan another meet very very soon plz .. n dare u talk of quitting lounge ! *giving threatening look*

  7. awesome.....group hug....wait till i join u all one day....the nomad life i live shud see to it tht i can attend more than one of such kinda meets....if it was mad out there this sunday, i will try my bit to make it the maddest ever ;-)

    n prats....how dare u discussed ste n left my bashing him n the lessons in excellence outta the discussion, since hashan was also there....grrrrrrr.....

  8. wow u guys had so much fun...i m now big time jealous....i wanna meet u all too :(

    but great post great pics and great fun :D

  9. ahmm ahmm

    seems to be a fun meet.... hope i was thre with u guys :D

  10. @Sandeep : did i say we did NOt talk of u ?? :P

    and we all will be looking for you to be in bangalore some day !!! verrry soon ;)

  11. seems like you guys had a lot of fun!! :)

  12. please, correct Illashree to Ilashree. I love my name .

    And ouuh, you guys had a gala time :)

    Its so cool to see you all , Tanmoy da and all.

    Lovely pics people !!

    Hashan, you soemwhere from East?

    Pratibha, I like the color, orange - naughty haan :P

    One thing is common is all, -


    TWINKS :)

  13. that's wonderful yaar
    nice to see some talented people together
    iam hoping to meet all of them one day

  14. U guys seem to hav had an awesome time! gr8 seein lounge members catchin up wid things!

    Guys frm Mumbai, dis is a wake up call! wen is it gonna b our turn? :(

    A big thumbs up to da Bangalore WL meet! wish i was der too! :)

    PS: I cant believe u discussed me! :P :P :P

  15. ur wish is our command Ilashree ... sorry coz i typed it .. will tell Arjun to correct it :)

  16. Damn!!! I missed it.. But not deliberately :(
    I promise i ll be there next time.

    Gud to see u ppl all together.. Truly it does looks like a fam..

    Still cant believe i missed all the FUN!! *sad*


  17. yay..late again..but was not for the meet...
    It was a wonderful evening with you guys..Tan,Moitree,Meena ,Arjun,Prats I treasured those moments I spent you you..I mean it !!

    Yeah Arjun next time not Sci-fi movie for sure..:D

    Vasudha,Vinu and Sonshu dont dare next time...we really misssed you !!

    Love you !!


  18. Sooooooo much fun n smiles...
    can't help getting jealous... grrrr...

    n pls pls.. cud u guys name the pics..??
    I dunno who is Hashan n who is Abhri...

    he he... n i came into the discussion...??? :-D

    am literally havin tears i my eyes now... yup... some one in my home is cutting onions... :-P


  19. good 2 see n hear tat u ppl had a nice time here as a part of d WL meet yday..hope 2b a part of it next time whn it happens if u ok wit non active members being a part of it…

  20. PRATS, guess u must’ve had a ball of a time basking in ur moment of glory wit ppl of ur kind!!..hope u permit me 2b a part of it next time round..

  21. @ bard
    y the heck didn't yu go??
    bro...its WL meet-up...there are no need fr permissions and stuff

  22. @ PS
    dun't i deserve a sweet sa thanx

  23. y do u think u deserve a thx FL ??

  24. oye .. we had been planning d same since ages :P !!

  25. @Bard : i guess u have some misunderstandings .. clear them plz .. as FL said, its WL meet-up...there are no need fr permissions and stuff !

  26. Nabs, Chirag, Rosh, Ste : yes we had fun 1 waititng to hear and create a lot of such meets :D

  27. Lovely! Good to see that you guys had fun :-)

    I'm too far off to even meet anyone right now..hopefully will do in the near future. It's a small world after all!

  28. true said Bhargav :) !! cant agree more !

  29. WOW!!

    Great to find so many comments on our meet yesterday... It was a good time and we enjoyed a lot... Wish to have such frequent meets...

    Thanks for the response guys... waiting to see how the Chennai meet went...

    and my Wife's Name is MAITRI and she is happy to have been there too..

  30. wow!!! sahi hai.....its gr8 to knw that tan daaa

  31. The Two other friends that came were Premangshu and Kumardeep...

    They really liked the meet too and were telling me that if they can meet like people this way, they might start blogging too... :P

    BTW, they are guitarists and they play really cool... We have composed a song (Prem and Me) years ago and we still have a dream - so, these are the people I remain with - more frequently...

  32. @FREELANCER,thought it was meant 2b a private gathering n only if invited..besides dint cu online saturday ni8 2 ask u abt d details..

  33. @PS/PRATS,had sent u a msg asking details of d meet whn ur mobile wasn’t answered on sunday morning..since dint get a response,felt tat wasn’t invited 2b a part of d celebrations..

  34. @bard : m sorry but did not get any such message .. n u cud have asked anyone else by mail/ping !

  35. @Tan : It was nice to meet ur frnds ! do invite us wen they play !! :)

  36. :) No meet ups in UAE??? Anybody there?? :(

  37. @PS/PRATS, hadnt seen FREELANCER around n since didn’t knw any1 else,contacted u.. even if u had replied saying tat U ARE NOT INVITED, tat wud’ve been more than enough..

  38. anyways, a glance of d posting, d thread n snaps is more than enough 2 make it evident tat it was more a party 4 known ppl n an unknown like me wud’ve sidelined, let alone noticed n talked 2..

  39. @bard

    brother.... dint u read my post of the announcement ..?? i made it so clear that everyone are welcome...u commented as - go ahead....

    Chill... its ok.. it happens... we can meet up next time.. :)


  40. and for the n'th time i'm tellin u ... dont tell u are being sidelined... no body here are being sidelined ....

    Its just that u r getting far from us with ur wrong illusions ...

    Mind u .. we were all meeting for the first time .....

    Start being a sport... See ya next time.. :)

  41. Great u had fun!! glad!!

    sad i missed it all!!! :(

  42. next tiem we will surely kidnap u sonshu :P !

    make ur mom read this so she will be prepared ;)

  43. Well she didnt say no..she was READY TO BRING ME ALONG!!! it was my stupid math exams and tutions...coz of which i had to say no!! SHE ASKED ME WHEN AND WHERE AND WAS SAD I WASNT GOING! Poor me!

  44. By the way..kidnapping me is not a good idea...you all wont be able to lift me!!! :P an advantage i have there!

  45. ddi u not see my n Arjun's pic sonshu ?? we can do that :P !! dnt u dare !

  46. n oh .. thx Arjun for putting the pic captions .. but y u left my name to be guessed :P

  47. wonderful pics...all luk so mature mature....i think we were d kiddos here :D :D

    u all [b]guys[/b] look fantastic ;)

    and gals are simply awesome :)

  48. @Gul .. we might look mature .. u have to meet and see how wrong u think :P

  49. hey!!! arjun nd hashan .... u've a company......hardcore sci-fi fan... star trek/transformers/the matrix/chaos :P :P :P

  50. @kings : i guess they said non-sci fi ;) or did i read wrong ?

  51. hope am informed whn it happens next time in BLR n i can make it if am around..

  52. @kings

    i said non sci-fi ... :P :P

    If u r coming here.. we can give u company to any of those sci-fi movies too though.. :)


    Welcome :)


    Good Morning ;)

  53. @Arjun : hehehe .. :D very good mornign indeed ;)


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