July 20, 2009

Kuch aansoo

kuch toote dil ke tukde hain,
kuch kho gaye, kuch choor hue,
kuch haathon me chubhte hain,
kuch mere khoon se lal hue.

kuch aansoo hain palko par,
kuch tasveer ko dhundhlaate hue,
kuch aansoo hain hothon par,
kuch bhi kehne se sharmaate hue.

kuch baatein hain gehri si,
kisi parchayee si lagti hain,
kuch yaadein hain thehri si,
khushi ke grahan si lagti hai.

kuch toote dil ke tukde hain,
na choot te hain, na judte hain,
kuch aansoo hain palko par,
har pal aankhon se girte hain..
ps : Sorry to Arun ,, I know you dnt understand hindi .. I will soon try to translate it ...


  1. hello... dont underestimate me...
    maine hindi thoda thoda maalum hai...

    Maine thumse pyaar kartha hoon...
    kabhi kushi kabhi gham
    Kal ho na ho
    Kuch kuch hota hai

    n the longest one i know
    Dilwaale dulhaniya lee jaayenge... :-D

    n comin to this poem...
    sorry... didnt understand a single line... Maine hindi that much nahi maalum... :-D

  2. Arun, this is a good time you learn Hindi... Its also high time and with all of us around you, this is the best time of your life to learn the National Language... come on, give it a go!!!

    And PS, the poem told many things... things that often remain untold... :)

  3. What do i say...

    Kuch toote dil ke tukde hai,
    Aao unhe jod dete hai!

    Kuch aanso hain palko pe,
    Aao unhe muskarahat me badal dete hai!

    Kuch yaadein hai thehri si,
    Unhen pank deke uda dete hai!

    Khushi ke grahan si lagti hai,
    Uss grahan ko hata ke khushi ka phuhara laa dete hai !

    I wrote something in hindi after long so forgive me....i know i suck :P
    But couldn't stop myself from replying to those lines!
    And u know ur brilliant always so no qualms about it :)

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  5. @tan
    sure man... gave it a try 2 yrs ago... jus for the sake of seeing hindi movies..

    still have that hindi learning book lying around... will go thro it...

  6. I already said sorry Arun .. and as promised u will sure get a translation .. even though it will be just literal not poetic ..

  7. m glab that you understood and liked it Tan ! thx :)

  8. Nabs, those lines were so very sweet .. thanks a ton ..

    *hugz* !

  9. Can you translate for me too please Prats :) Actually I'll ask my mum... she'll translate for me :)

  10. he he... i was just kiddin pratsy.. :-P
    no translations needed.... i've already got A BOOK on my hands now...

  11. very beautiful prats...I just luved it...
    few lines 4 u....

    "kuch aansoo hai tere jo meri hatheli par tahre hai..
    mere dil ke kisi koney main
    ek dastak si dete hai..
    jab bhi girte hai teri aankhon se
    meri dhadkano ko sahma dete hai.. "


  12. ending this with teary eyes!
    a connect of some strange kind!!

  13. Bohot khub...
    Yaha bhi dil ka haal waisa hi kuch hai..
    kuch toote dil ke tukde hain,
    na choot te hain, na judte hain...

    Loved it very much !!

  14. Prats back wid hindi too! kewlllll! luvd it! :)

  15. @arun : so did u use the hindi book ??

  16. FL .. m waiting .. good u volunteered ;)

  17. @bard : i havent given any one the right to decide wats real and wats not !

  18. @PS
    found the book... just too lazy to learn...

  19. nice one prats
    u write well in english and hindi

    "kuch aansoo hain palko par,
    kuch tasveer ko dhundhlaate hue,
    kuch aansoo hain hothon par,
    kuch bhi kehne se sharmaate hue."

    this lines are the heart of this poem

  20. very beautiful and heartfelt Pratibha Di:)


    We meet after a long time:)

  21. @rose : Pratibha ??? no dear .. i dnt like to e called so .. its so formal :P

  22. Thanks CN ! Hope to read you soon too :)


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