July 16, 2009


Back back back...this time with a bang. And with an intention to recreate the fun and magic that this place WL is known for :-)


I take great pleasure in announcing the theme to be followed for the next 2 days, starting today. The theme that you have to write on is "Birthday". It can be a story, poem, humourous takes, greetings, photos, vidoes, wishes, dedications or any damn thing in the world that comes to your mind when you hear the word "Birthday". Go ahead and start posting. Start writing....enough of lounging. Let this space be flooded with the word "Birthday" till the sun rises on 18th and we usher WL into its 2nd year. All of us together. United we were and united we will remain...come what may!! :-)

SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT: Raise a toast to WL :-)

An idea which Vitruvian boy proposed and i loved it. Announcing the same with some modifications :-). Lets all celebrate WL's birthday on 17th from whichever city/country/continent we are in, still be together connected on the WL. Let's all open a bottle of Coke (Coca cola) :-) on 17th and picture yourself raising a toast. Post that picture here. If you can videotape it and post it here, nothing like it. The subject line should be "Raisng a toast to WL from (City/State/Country)" followed by your wishes along with the picture/video. Lets spill some Coke here at WL on 17th.

This is the common thing that we all will do. However, if someone is planning to celebrate WL's birthday at their place and want to post images/videos of that here, they are more than welcome. Let's join together and pat our baby for turning ONE!!! Its party timeeeeeee!!!! Cheers!!

*Disclaimer: We have no tie-up's with Coca-Cola :-) :-). It happens to be Vitruvian boy's favorite drink (I presume) :-)



  1. Happy Bday lounge!! I will surely post something for the birthday theme :)

  2. Great News!!!
    ... And for the coke? I wont be having it anymore... may be I can still raise a toast :)

    Hurray!! Its Birthday time...

  3. yay ... b'day times...
    will definitely raise the toast...


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