July 16, 2009

The Shitty Night

Read the following two posts one after the other, my tribute to the unique storytelling style of Tarantino

The night started all stuck up and drab. my walls looked drab in the candelight. power cuts are a menace.there was sweat all over my face and my beard itched. ya it really itched and it was so damn hot i wanted to itch it clean.summer no beard. beards only on winter, ya who would convince my lazy bum. even people around me had taken me as a bearded man, so why give them a shock and show my innocent unshaven face. that way i could save a lot of heartaches or heartbreaks, whichever sounds fine to you.Things were getting messy, in this heat and sweat my whiskey tasted like sour eggs. and i was actually gulping it down to just get sleeping.
Last cigarrette ,damn, why dont they last longer.sixty seconds is all that will take this to reduce it to ashes. And then what, sweaty night, sweaty room.Life had become so fucking humid.Scratched my beard. Ya, that' how this stick would burn.so i tried this trick from a cowboy movie, struck the match hard across my face. Bah! nothing, looks like I am getting old. too old to conjure shitty tricks. two strikes both failed, the third one caught the fire.
wait a minute my face feels awful warm and heck this night's not put me into a fever brother.My roomy shreiks. My beard on fire. Dazed i scurry to the bathroom. One pail of murky water. Water that's all i need. Silence. cool. refreshing, it's out, didnt damage my face. My beard saved the day.
"What's this smell Sumit??"- i yelled.
"the drainage blocked yo, and that's sewer water you washed your face with"he started laughing.Shitty night, shit on the face and now i got a fucking jackass laughing his ass off at me. Things are not fair, make them fair.
"you saved my life"-I grinned at him.
Before that light of realization touched his dumb head i gave him a whoppy hug."Thanks mate for sharing my shit"
Now i was laughing. Guess the jackass was stunned. what could he do, what options did he have.my face had shit, his neck had shit,no water supply.We couldn't sleep in our beds.Just ain't hygenic.
Spread a chatai on the verandah, stars over our heads, we closed our eyes to shitty silence.


  1. this was freaking awesome....shitty yes! but shitty awesome dude

    awesome write...

  2. what has gone into u ??? so much shitty stories !! u gone really crazzy dude !

  3. I love the characters in tarantino movies when they speak in a husky cowboy voice , a monologue of the situation they are in...

    I imagined it while reading the post... was Frigging amazing dude... grt work..


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