July 1, 2009

Red July contest

Hear! Hear! Hear!
As per the last post that the admin had posted, we have decided to have a mini contest to jumpstart our dearest Lounge.
The theme is simple yet complex, the rules extremely simple. Please, keep in mind that participation is what we need the most.

The theme is RED.

Only rules to be kept in mind are:
1. Keep the post limited to 500 words.
2. Keep it around the theme of RED. Interpret it anyway you like. We wont even give you idea. Let your imagination get wild.
3. You want to rhyme, acrostics, stories? Anything and everything is welcome. We will have different categories for prose and poems.
4. You need not limit yourself to just one post. Keep writing. Keep reading. Keep lounging.
5. Contest is on from 1st July to 7th July. Yes, we are keeping it short.

We write. We read. We lounge.
The Writers' Lounge!


  1. yay... a short timed contest with my fav theme... :-)

  2. Superb! I was just waiting for this! :)

  3. Yeah.. I'll pour some red here... surely..!!


  4. Nice... I'm going to write something soon!

  5. WOW - Good initiative again!!

    ... Let there be a change!
    ... Let there be a colorful change!
    ... Let there be RED!!! :P

    (How is it?) :P :P


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