July 8, 2009

Paint me red...

To the love of my life...

A n a N y A

I'm your man,
I wanna be your ted,
My adorable baby,
Paint me red..

Paint me on my shoulder,
Paint me red,
Paint me all over,
do as you once said..

Paint me with your Love,
Paint me with your care,
I promise i'll do nothing,
I'll only stare..

You said it once,
You'll give me all your love,
I want it always, i want it now,
Paint me slow, soft as the dove..

I'm your Hero,
I wanna be just yours,
I don't need a prevention,
Paint me with your cure..

I wanna get lost in you,
I wanna love you,
Darling,come near me,
Paint me as i hug you...

Paint me as your yours,
Paint me all, Paint me all red,
For God may have created us different,
But for each other we are made..

Wanna be with you always sweetheart...


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