July 9, 2009

My Shining Star Is Fading Away

You are my shining star,
Oh yes you really are.
You always look after me,
Even when you're a busy bee,
You never leave me alone,
Not even moan.

You are so sweet,
And never do you cheat.
You truly are one in a million,
No make that one in a multibillion.

All that time,
I was doing a massive climb.
Trying to find someone like you,
But now I've gotta bid adieu!

I'm going away,
It's my last day,
With you...
I'm through.

I'll miss you so much!
More than that diamond clutch,
I lost ages ago...
I feel like saying 'woah'

It's happening too fast,
It's not a blast.
My heart feels like it's breaking,
It's aching!

You are my shining star and you will always be in my heart, even if the waves blow you away!
Hey... if you like this one, do let me know, I have a few other songs/poems saved as a draft, waiting to be published on TWL or my blog :) (But the other ones are a bit longer)


  1. Hey li'l one,

    I loved it! I am waiting for the other ones as well... :)

    Post them soon! :D

  2. lol
    I'll miss you so much!
    More than that diamond clutch,

    lol...no offence but it made me smile....

    sweetly written....and hu cares if ur other poems are long or short...post it...we are all gonna read it

  3. Thanks Aarthi :) I'll soon post them up!

    Thank you FL- No offence taken... yeah a diamond clutch!! Oh well... at least "much" and "clutch" rhyme!! Thank you!

    Thanks Vidisha!

  4. cute poem rosh... sweet...
    Post others too... soon...

  5. u shud try to compose music , a tune and make this into a song

    well written!

  6. @Arun- Sure I will :) Thanks :)
    @Aparna- haha... Thanks!! Maybe you'll see this on the shelfs in the shops sometime!


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