July 11, 2009


C-Chinmaya ie me

(BACKGROUND: Nishu and Nishi, one time happily married, have applied for mutual divorce.. They have been summoned by the judge for the hearing and so both are awaiting their turn so that its over at the earliest…Both are keeping quiet and not talking to each other..)

C-N, why don’t we go and have coffee?..

N-Come C..we’ll go..want anything N1?

N1-No thanks..You go and come..

(Mid way, C suggests that N go and talk to N1 and that he wont be around to hear what they say..so,N goes with a packet of biscuits and a chocolate bar and sits besides Nishi)

N1-why are you sitting here?..you’ve place there right?

N-I know..but cant I sit beside my wife for some more time?

N1-In some time, you’ll no longer be my husband..so start forgetting me and lead your life..

N-why have you become so cruel?(and hands her the chocolate)

N1-you know I hate FIVE STAR and still want to irritate me by giving it

N-but you used to love it naa at one time..

N1-that was before..not any longer..my preferences have changed now and I am not the same nishi that you knew before..

N-why are you doing this to me?..you know that I’ve no one once this is over..and I guess you know that manu passed away almost a month ago..he was our well-wisher if you remember and saw to our marriage taking place..

N1-Iam sorry to hear about manoj’s death..but I had told him that I wasn’t ready for the marriage and good he died..atleast you and C wont go to his place for drinks anymore like before!

N-you’ve become so cruel now N1..dont know who brought this change to you so fast.. I wonder day and night about this, moreso in the night as its so difficult for me to sleep..those days, I would just wait for the nights and now I dread it..

N1-upto you dude..i get my share of 6-7 hours of sleep without any problem! now don’t remind me of the past (suddenly she gets a call which she answers I WILL TALK TO YOU LATER)

N- who was it?..found someone already N1 dear?

N1- I don’t want to answer that question..and stop calling me DEAR..

N-cant we give ourselves a chance N1-?..am I asking to much from you?

N1- I don’t know..maybe I was not ready for all this..and now both have to repent for rushing into it..

N-you just don’t know what all I do just for that 2-3 hours of peaceful sleep at nights..

N1-I JUST DON’T CARE..i don’t want to know as well..

(Just then C comes…_
C-people, I guess your turn is next..the lawyer was asking for both of you..

(After the proceedings and later in the evening in a bar..this song is playing in the background…

C- I am so sorry for you....wish I could’ve convinced her not to go for a divorce..you guys could’ve still been together .thats what Manoj also wanted of you though others took her side..

N-I know..but she isn’t ready to listen naa..I STILL LOVE HER and was willing to take her back..but now, she can put me and everything behind and find someone from her large friend circle..what can I do??..parents left me, I’ve hardly any friends now and that too Manu also went off…anyways, make me a large.. hope tonight atleast I can sleep…

(As both N and C begin their “session”, C is wondering how hard it must be for someone to get sleep due to some happenings..Over to the work now..)

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