July 11, 2009


Those days, I would wait just for the night
and though you were nowhere to me, in sight
your voice, I could then, just get to hear
and make it look that you were actually near.

I would listen to what all you had to say
and narrate to you how had gone my day.
Though it was done quietly and in silence
every moment would make me feel your presence.

Came a night when for the first time we met
which even now , the moment, I cant forget.
With you, many such nights, I wanted to spend
and see to that, for both, excitement wouldn’t end.

In you, I saw the dream of making you my bride
for whom I would rush home every eventide
so that we our earlier routine, we could relive
and love, from each other, we would receive.

All that my mind does now is to scream
at you for making me see such a dream
wherein I went onto build castles in air
and in reality, at present, they are nowhere.

From my life, has gone away all the bliss
and each moment, your company, I miss.
One thing I’ll never be able to ever understand
about this happening, why didn’t I know beforehand.

Thoughts coming to the mind, about you, won’t cease
nor will go away what has remained in me as memories.
Its that when comes the time for the day to end
I dread as with someone else, you are out to spend.

Though I try hard to control each of my tear
I cant as creeps in a lot of other fear
that in my life, I have to forever be alone
and for the nights, have none as my own.

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