July 11, 2009

A Daydream Of An Accidental Insomniac

As I close my eyes, I begin to float over the lush green mountains and land on top of a highland with a small lake. It reminds me of my trip to Scotland or the views of Tibet seen on television. There is a light mist rolling over the lands, air so pure and fresh to breathe, there is that chillness one could feel after a slight drizzle on a cold morning. A nice tent has been setup by the lake side with a warm fire in the open; my own Shangri-la.

I peer into the tent and find all my usual stuff setup to my surprise. The cold attracts me to the fire and its pleasant warmth. The mist slowly raises and I could see the lake better now. In the far horizon, I could see the still waters being transformed into gentle rapids overflowing into the valley below. I look upwards to the sky and the clouds seem to roll so close enough to be touched. Its then I realise there is not a sign of life nearby.

I put my head down and thoughts of her rush into my mind. I could feel her, inside me, beside me, by the fire. A hand rolls over my back and a head gently rests on my shoulders. I bring her close to me and raise my head up. The mist has lifted, it is now much brighter to see and I could see the vapours arising from the falls yonder. I turn my head towards her, my eyes meet hers with the usual vibes. I recognise her reassuring smile, her loving face and the caring touch. She is here; she has come back, My Angel.

Mixed emotions race through my head only to be calmed by her with a subtle kiss on my forehead. In that stillness, the world around me freezes. It feels like paradise and puts me at peace. Her touch was serendipitous for I realise then that in her lies my tranquillity. My times with her are the ones of true inner happiness. A shade of sadness strikes through as I realise this wont last forever. It is quickly erased off my mind as I rest myself on her and this serene feeling takes over all my senses leaving me fast asleep.

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  1. wonderfully crafted masterpiece......beautifully done! luvd da imagery...nd da subject in itself!



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