July 4, 2009


Dear all,
Almost 10 days ago, I met with an accident wherein I had a fall and hit myself badly on the right side of my head. Though I bled profusely, I was lucky that I was discharged from the hospital with stitches on the affected area. Now that the stitches have been removed, I am on my way to recovery which will take its own sweet time!!

I haven’t been writing offlate due to some reasons even before this accident occurred. But thought of posting a work of mine which was written when I had faced a similar situation more than a year ago. Hope it makes an interesting read as well as bring about awareness to one and all..Take care all of you and have a nice and safe weekend ahead of you!!

The timing last evening was around 6.45 PM
as i came out of, near Andheri station, an ATM
when i felt that, in me, something wasnt right
as got blurred my vision and ahead i couldnt sight.
Since i didnt want to get into any sort of risk
i began to walk, somehow, really very brisk.
But my heart, i felt, a beat it had jump
as i could feel some sort of a weird thump.
I knew that there was some sort of trouble
as my head and body, was out to wobble.
Before something came and i were to get felled
the nearest railing, i came across,onto it i held.
Once this strange feeling was slightly gone
i thought before i continue, on my way, go on
that i immediately walk a little distance further
where i knew that there would be a water filter.
Slowly, as what was happening, i got to sense
i reflected on the moment that had made me tense.
Quickly i made my mind without much ado
that towards home, it was better, i go.
I still dont know, what in me, had got upset
as now, iam back and sit, about it, to reflect
maybe to this had, to me, come as a sort of warning
so that in future, am careful with my dealing.


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