July 4, 2009

The Kidnap

"Ruko!" she shouted as she ran behind the bus. "Stop!"

But it was of no use, the bus sped off, leaving her huffing and puffing in a cloud of dust. She stopped, sighed and threw her bag on the road. How would she get to work NOW?!

"Madam! Handbag you want? Sandal?" a little urchin asked with a cheeky grin.

"Nahi nahi, paise nahi hain. No money.” came her automatic response. She was used to these beggars and peddlers by now.

"Madam Ji, aap se paise maange kya maine? Aap item toh dekho."

She took a closer look at the cart in the child's hand. It seemed to contain an assortment of oddities. One golden sandal, a blue handbag with no strap, a shiny purple button, a frayed piece of ribbon...

With a curious look she took the handbag from the cart, it was so similar to the handbag she had just thrown on to the ground, except that her bag had a strap to it.

“Ye kitne ka hain?"

“Sirf Yahin chayiye madam?" He still had that cheeky grin on his face.

Tum chup chap batao nahin toh …..

Her phone started ringing

“The child troubling you Kavita eh? You are getting late my dear, aren’t you?”

“Who’s this?”

Ha! Do you think I am gonna tell you …Anyways Listen …..Take all the things from him. And give him a hundred bucks. Poor kid. We have already paid him 500. Look at him. Doesn’t he look really happy?

Who the ……??

Look up to your right, Will you?

As Kavita looked up she saw her good friend standing at the terrace of a nearby building.A gun pointing to his forehead.


Now you know what to do? Do As I say.

Kavita finally gave in.

Ok now what?

Eh? Good Question.

You didn’t get a bus, did you? Delhi I tell ya. But hey no problem. Take that rickshaw to your left. The poor guy hasn’t got a customer so far. He will be glad to take you to Lodhi Gate.

As she reached Lodhi gate, now what?

“Hello Hello”

The man had disconnected.

The phone rang again. This time it was naman.

“Kavita don’t do anything what these people say …go straight to your office plzz.pl…”

“Eh? Good try Naman Sorry for the disconnection Sweety. The Building to the left of CCD. Somebody will be glad to see you in B-44.”

As Kavita rang the bell, nobody responded. The Door was already open.

“There’s no one here.”

“I know.”


“Well what is it near the wall hanging on the left of the television that you see?”

“A Calendar.”

“And what’s the month?”

“What the….. *Shit*”

A loud mixture of Laughs chuckles and giggles filled the room.

Kavita wasn’t too amused.


  1. incomplete?????

    I read the whole to be left for wanting for more in the end.

    C'mon Anurag, post the other half quickly.

    Its cool written. Nice work.

  2. lol....It doesn't have the other part dear....utna hee hain :)

    An april fool prank it was :)


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