July 16, 2009

My Miserable Birthday

Tring tring! Tring tring! "Hello?" I said tiredly. I was still half- asleep and in my bed. No answer. "Hello? Who is it?" I asked again. Still no reply. "Stupid prank caller at this time of day! Now get off the line before I have the police on to you." I angrily shouted. I slammed the phone down.

Tring tring! Tring tring! "Who is it now! It's my own birthday and I can't even get a decent sleep in this house!" I screamed. "Um... well we're the agency of Britney Spears calling, but never mind, we'll get someone else to be her backing singer..." they said, sounding confused. "Wait!" I spoke up. The line was clear and no-one was there.

Tring! I picked the phone up before it rang again. "Hi... who's speaking?" I asked, politely
this time. "If you have a credit card, give us the pin number, so we can withdraw all your debts!" the person excitedly said. Now what was this? A free chance to get my debts off! "Ok, my pin is ##########" I roared down the line. There was no reply. Then I heard the person say to the people who were with him- "Another loser on the phone and we have more money!"
"Oi! Stay on the line!" I cried in despair, then I slammed the phone down, furious with them and myself.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you-
"Can't you give me some peace on my birthday Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandad, Cousin Alisha, Cousin Yudi, Auntie Diwali, Uncle Rohit and brother!" I screamed at them. The looked worried and then my cousin Alisha, who was only 6 at the time, burst in to tears. "Oh, I'm sorry!" I said. But they had already gone out of my room by then.

Urgh... why is my birthday going wrong today? It can't get any worse!

Beep beep! Beep beep! Oh, a text from Roy! "U R DUMPED" it read. No! Why? "Y?" I texted back. "IT DNT MATTA" was his reply.

My birthday could get worse! I thought. Then I leant back and started to cry.
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  1. hey lil one y such a miserable post???
    Nyway it was simply superb....

  2. ohhh.... worst b'day ever...
    is this just fiction ???

  3. aww .. sad day !!! but not here :)

  4. Sorry for the sad post... but my happy post is here now!!!
    @Arun- Yeah fiction!! I never have sad b'days!
    @Dr.Kumar- Hmm... dunno why it's sad! But please do check out my happy one!

    Thanks for commenting guys!


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