July 16, 2009

who is right?

hello friends iam back at lounge not with bang but with some serious topic.
iam not able to post from last 10 days because my HDD is damaged got new one yesterday and now here to post something that i want to share with all of you and also want your opinion on this.

yesterday iam watching the ndtv at night and i saw a news at NEWZ POINT (a show of NDTV).

they are showing the news of a couple who married in their caste( swagotra) and the whole village was against them and want to kill them.

the news channel invited the couple at this show also they had a Sanskritpandit who knows very well about all the Hindu mythology and he was saying that the marriage in the sagotra is prohibited according to hindu Vedas and shastra and if this was happen lot of diseases will happen to the child of them and also child can't grown.

the lady that came with that couple in that show was saying that any one can marry in the swagotra according to Indian constitution.

the pandit was saying that their fore fathers can be brother's and sisters so that this couple can't marry.
now can any one's life will be decided according to relationship's of fore father's.
now the question arises who is right Indian constitution or Hindu vedas as iamspiritual person iam also respected hindu vedas and i still not able to decide who was right.

gotra:-A Gotra is the lineage or clan assigned to a Hindu at birth. In most cases, the system is patrilineal and the gotra assigned is that of the person's father.
swagotra:-marriage within the gotra.


  1. every bloody person in our country is ready to teach us about caste,gotra,dharm,himdu,muslim..bla bla bla!

    they dont know how to respect Love! and they are biggest idiots for me!!

  2. there is a scientific base fr that,,, but it doesnt mean u can not marry within the gotra ...

  3. err
    i say
    love thy neighbour...have bath with her daughter :P

    on a serious note...
    these type of thinking is what keeps india from progressing

  4. I've read about these things somewhere...
    abt the lineage n blood line they preserve in a gotra etc n the medical facts involved with it...

    when two persons have the same grand parent, they have 25% chance of genetic risk... ie, potential for recessive genes in each of them to connect... n result in a ill formed baby...
    this is for persons havin same grandpa ie, first cousins...

    But in gotras, the lineage goes a long long long way back... so the risk is minimal.... but yes still a risk... but science has improved so much since then... the couple can just go to genetic counseling n while pregnant regular foetal monitoring... will just about do to ensure the safety of the baby...

    These stupid disputes are just the results of people following the wonderful traditions of India blindly without even knowing why the traditions were made in the first place...

  5. Thanks Arun for telling the facts .. i was too tired to search the exact thing and type here .. i just remembered reading it in class 12 bio :)


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