July 16, 2009

..Happy Birthday Lounge..

Ek saal ka safar pura hua aaj..

Betein Waqt ki reth par tum sab ke nishaan dekhe..

Kuch mand mand se muskurate hue..

Kuch namm namm se bheegey hue..

Kuch lehron ke maar se mith se gaye hai..

Kuch aaj bhi utaney hi gharein hai..

Kuch nanhe-nanhe nazook se hai..

Kuch meethe-meethe bavook se hai..

Kuch nayi rahon par murd gaye hai..

Kuch bheed main kahin kho se gaye hai..

Kuch apni pehchaan se anjaan se hai..

Kuch jaane kyo hairan pareshan se hai..

Kuch shararton main doobey hue hai..

Kuch khamosh se simatey hue hai..

Kuch abhi abhi chal pade hai..

Kuch chalte -chalte thak se gaye hai..

Kuch roothey hue se lagte hai..

Kuch mananey main lage hai..

Sab bhikare hai, kuch door kuch pass hai..

Par phir bhi sab ek saath se hai ..

Sab musafir hai mere safar ke..

Mere Apne hai ab anjaan nahi..

Kuch kadam hi to chale hai abhi..

Yuh tufaano se darna hai nahi..

Mera haath pakar kar chalna hai abhi..

Sunahre panno par bas likhna hai yahi..

Ek saal nahi , kayi sadiyon ka safar tah karna hume…

I joined lounge just two months back and I am really overwhelmed that today it has completed its journey of first year.Sandeep, Asbah (where ever you are) & Ste you must be holding your shoulder high today, to see how well lounge has flourished till this date.So lounger its time to pat our shoulder and just rockkkkkkkkkkkkk………..!!!!!!!!!!!!! this day.

P.s. Please bear with my spelling mistakes in poem..


  1. yays...

    happy bday wl

    nice start to the day vidisha.congrats...

    yes we r very happy
    loved the poem

  2. awesome ids...yaar yu gotta teach me hw to write in hindi
    happy bday lounge

  3. thts a heartfelt post...indeed sadiyon ka safar tay hai karna!!!

  4. @FL...hehe frst atleast gv a try..!!...

  5. @comfortably numb....thnx..ya sadiyon ka safr hi tah krna hai..

  6. Hey Vidisha, I wanted to comment on it two back itself, the day I read it. But couldn't

    And its so lovely written, that I actually had to click on 'older posts' to find it, just because I didn't want miss appreciating on such a LOVELY write in Hindi.

    Its beautiful.

    Subtle , and easy flowing. Its so nice to read Hindi hear.



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