July 2, 2009

My first Love....

I still remember the good old days of friendship with her. She was once my girlfriend.I know she used to adore me a lot.My life was incomplete without her.Ever since I met her ,life was so special for me.It was a turning point of my life.I never realized that I would get to meet this sweetheart in this world filled with insane souls.I remember those days when we both would play hide and seek.She loves me a lot and it can be seen from the fact that she could easily find out my hideout.Life was miserable before meeting her.Slowly I thought that she was just made for me.I used to go behind her everytime she left.I just used to follow her in sidelines just to see that she is in safe company.I've always played this saviour role in her life.We met each other in an unwanted situation where I was thrown out of the restaurent for stealing the burgers.It was she who paid for the burgers.I felt like I was in some different world when she carressed me .I want to be with her forever.Recent days I've been observing that she isn't that kind to me.She used to get a phone call and she soon used to leave somewhere.What will I do?.The first time we met,she took me to her bedroom as they were no one in their house. She kissed me and even I did the same.I was so happy to see her gesture.But these days I could clearly see that something is missing.I can't see my love drifting away from me.
I guess she is back to home.
"Oh sweety !,where are you?," she came running towards me.

"Bwo bow!!," I ran towards her by wagging my tails.


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