July 2, 2009

I am with you Daddy

Continued from Freelancer's post,I could not hold back my pen after your post though it has exceded 55 but still...

He took out his wallet, looked at the faded photograph.

She turned her moist eyes,Mom.

You know she also broke my heart


When you were two year old .She died, left me alone. And I was all broken

You hold my hand within your little fingers, smiled and said in your broken words,"I am with you Daddy

A tear rolled out of her dad eye.She forgets her pain. Photograph in her hand fall on the floor.

She moved her hand forward to hold his tear.He stopped her, took her soft hand in his hands, and said From that day you have nurtured my broken heart and now it’s my turn.......",smiled with his teary eyes,"....I am with you honey.!!".


  1. Wow!

    Amazing! I had tears in my eyes! Superb Vidisha!

  2. hehe....m continuing it again...but gng out nw sadly...wil continue tonight

    btw did i mention...awesome reply to my post!

  3. @Freelancer-all credit is ur's...thnks

  4. @thoorika-thnks watevr it was..!!!!

  5. wow.... so beautiful n poignant...
    Love it so much...


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