July 13, 2009

The 10th Kargil war anniversary

The month of July is very holy in the history of the Indian Army. It is the time when it won the Kargil conflict with Pakistan. This is a poem meant for the 10th anniversary of the Kargil conflict between the two. In the past, the Indian government has forgotten the anniversary for dubious reasons. I do not know yet what is planned for this year. What is relieving is that the war hasn't been forgotten by the army yet. (link 1), (link 2) The poem comes a bit earlier than the July 26th anniversary because of other commitments I have.

Part 1:

Stealthily they came,
Amidst blankets of snow,
Their greed of land not over,
Reinforcing their posts first, and then ours,
With friends and our traitors alike.

Part 2:

Our patrols lacked,
And their guns booming, their stealth was undisclosed.
But a shepherd spake,
And Captain Kalia ambushed,
Jihadis they usually send, so we thought,
Hence our guard was low.

But this was not to be,
They were spread far and wide, and too professional.
'Vijay' was launched, and a couple divisions deployed,
'Safed Sagar' was launched, albeit in vain,
And Karachi blockade planned.

Part 3:
National Highway no. 1, under siege,
Our jugular to Kargil,
They lay guns directly,
Many warriors thus lost.

'Har har Mahadev' sounded along NH no. 1's banks,
Tiger Hill and Drass commenced,
And Batalik-Turtok subsector,
Pt. 4590 and 5353 cleansed,
Tololing won, the scales going down on our side.

With guns and planes,
Our force finally prevailed,
Though many were felled,
By the mountains and the winds.

Part 4:
The assailants intentioned more,
Blinded by passions,
Were to reveal the Power,
But the puppeteers prevailed,
Yet, the puppets kept their puppets for cannon fodder.

Drawing flack, they cringed,
Blame they laid, on the stooges,
Alas, for them,
World denizens could see through and through.

Thus was the episode, of the last civil war in South Asia. All facts derived from the article on Kargil War at Wikipedia. My salutes to our warriors.


  1. may they rest in peace.

    in Indian army, a soldier never loses. either he wins and returns or returns a martyr.
    Jai Hind

  2. may the heroes of india rest in peace... am glad that u remembered kargil day..
    me n my friends were wondering if still anybody is remembering those days...

  3. very well researched n written..hats of 2u dude 4 tis initiative..


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