July 19, 2009



Dear all,

We may know of certain people for whom glory and fame for self matters a lot and at any cost. They would maintain a kind of stand for themselves upon acquiring it and would go on to the extent of being aloof from the rest of their friends and acquaintances. This may be to such an extent that, due to this accumulated fame, they may feign pretence of the past and the struggles that they would have endured, either together or in isolation, to reach that level.

Against this backdrop, this work has been written based on a friend of mine about whose “moment of glory” I got to know through another friend of mine. Apparently this friend has started “basking” so much in his moment of fame that he doesn’t deem necessary to be in touch with his old friends like us. This is despite that at one point of time we had supported him in his endeavours at our cost. The remorse with which my friend told me about this made to write this without much ado!.Happy reading!!

In the quest of eternal personal glory and fame

you choose that something’s don’t remain the same.

You didn’t want to see us in each of our struggle

though we tried hard to overcome every hurdle.

To leave us, you gave me an excuse that was lame

in the quest of eternal personal glory and fame.

Though to achieve success, for us, was a Herculean task

we were ready to do whatever you would go on to ask.

We would walk the extra mile to make you proud

so that, one day, we could stand out in the crowd.

In the quest of eternal personal glory and fame

you felt it was no good being associated with our name.

Now, on ourself, we feel worse than an abject

since our true concern, you went on to reject.

For you, to leave, we’ve to take, the blame

in the quest of eternal personal glory and fame


  1. change font color , anything but black n blue.

  2. @ALL, thanx 4 d glance..will re-post d work tis weekend 4u 2 go thru..

  3. i read it...won't say that i like it...no hard feelings...but bro...stop carrying that grudge


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