July 19, 2009


Pre-Script: Yesterday, I managed to do the "almost impossible"! I managed to cage the elusive Asbah for some time. And when I got her to write again, it was pure bliss. Here's the poem that was conjured...part by her....part by me! A humble dedication to one of the founders of the lounge.......the Princess of Arcane Lands....to Asbah herself....! Hope you guys enjoy her work as much as I do! :)

Sun rises to an arcane land,
Twilight cruises over classic skies,
With subtle grace descends to kiss,
The dewy petals of pink orchids!

The bees hum a strange fore-lore,
And leaves nod intoxicated,
Of love, of dreams, a tale of yore!
And a girl who was hated!

Beyond the pane of shining glass,
Caged by her self, she stares,
Her soul rambles across the land,
On scroll, her heart she bares!

Fountains of emotions spout,
As words escape her quill,
Papyrus damp with ink,
And tears of living against her will!

In her dreams she breaks free,
To rule beyond the horizon,
Where heavens paint the glee,
Where, the war has been won!

A prince, she awaits to set her free,
Every wish fulfilled with twin dreams,
Unknown to her, in silence he waits,
In her freedom, a lost soul he redeems!

PS: image courtesy - lusete @ deviantart.com


  1. wow...when 2 pure geniuses collaborate to write something what comes out is a master-piece.

    nice dedication to princess asbah mav!

  2. @ Aparna

    Ty so much....am so happy dat u agree dat she's a master at her forte!

    glad u likd it! :)

  3. Brilliant work!! Lovely dedication :)

  4. I loved it. And just wanted Asbah to know that I miss her terribly ):

    Take care!

  5. @ Shruti

    Am glad u likd it! dnt wrry ur sentiments will reach Asbah fr sure! :)

  6. asbah n maverick!!
    creating magic eh folks? awesome

  7. wonderful colloboration!..truely magical..kudos 2 both :)

  8. In her dreams she breaks free,
    To rule beyond the horizon,
    Where heavens paint the glee,
    Where, the war has been won! <-- these lines are my favs ! Really they caught me my reading on the flow.

    Amazing depiction of something so very obvious yet abstract !

    great work again !!

  9. thank you for writing this :)

    hope she reads this

  10. @ Ragpicker

    Am so glad u likd it! Dat particular stanza's been written by Asbah herself, so no wonder it wrked its magic! :)

  11. @ FL

    TY bro! but its just dat anyone who works with Asbah, it can bring out da best in them! :)

  12. @ Ste

    She has......nd was happy about it! Thanx fr likin it! :)

  13. Perfect ! ah... after reading this, i miss her all the more !!

  14. @ Prats

    TY! yes...miss her, we all do! :(

  15. Ah... beautiful work guys..
    Loved it..


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