July 19, 2009

The cliff of death

The wind rustled through the trees and the skies were grey. The sea was roughly moving up on the large, spiky rocks and down again.

"This is it." Ajay said softly, and lifted his right foot slowly over the cliff. Then he lifted his left foot over. As he had just left the cliff, he thought.

"No, I'm not doing this anymore! I can't leave my wife!" he said. He tried pulling up with all his might but then, his hands slipped and he fell down, down in to the deep waters. "I love my life!" were his last words.


  1. At times we need to think hard about what we do ... good one !

  2. intresting work roshwrites..short n sweet...left me pondering..

  3. Foolish guy... he must have used a gun...
    no one can have second thoughts after the shot.. :-D

    Good work rosh.... dark..


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