July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Lounge!

Yeah whats with me!?? Suddenly i appear and suddenly disappear! Well my exams have begun..!!! Two down, many to go! I know im supposed to be working Math sums but it would be unfair not to wish my Dear Lounge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

No poem, nothing here! Just a little happy birthday!

Dear Lounge,

You mean a lot to me! You gave me so many amazing friends, the presence of so many god poets, story writers etc has made me a better writer. I came here to just write but now i feel this is my home! With all the friends i have made, so many critics, it makes me smile!

On this special day of yours i wish you a big HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your 1!!! Its your first birthday! First bday's are the most special and im sure other great writers would make this day a memorable one for you!

Here's a cake for you!


Well guys thats it i have since Maths is taking my energy off! Well the first two exams went good...Geography was good but Chemistry wasnt that good! (Well it never can be good for me! I hate it!)

Till August 1st!
Loads of Love to you all and my Lounge!
Princess Sonshu


  1. yummmy...!!!..

    ..hehe...restore ur lost nrgy from math..it v'll b need mny times in chemistry..!

  2. ohh dear one .. my li'l lady ... do well in exams :) We will wait for your lovely poems :)

  3. best of luck for the remaining ones

  4. wow... such a cute post...

    Goood luck for exams...

    btw, i too hated chemistry.... ;)


  5. hey sonshu
    all the very best fr ur remaining exams...glad yu dropped in..

  6. Good to see you here for the Lounge's b'day Sonshu!

  7. hey sonshu...
    welcome back...
    all the best for ur remaining exams...
    do well..


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