July 17, 2009

Birthday Greetings TWL :)

As a beginner in the world of blogging
My friend Stephen asked me to login
Into his little baby that he had co-found
Given it a nice li’l name “The Writer Lounge”

Today is it’s first Birthday
It sounds a little insane
For the days go by so quickly
For it has given us so much joy and pain

A year ago, it was just a toddler
Which could not stand in it’s own feet
But now with around 176 odd followers
There’s no blog that it cannot beat

Every New blogger must join in here
As this space will give you the liberty
To Experiment with your thoughts and actions
It will end up being a catalyst for your own maturity

I guess I was a part of the first group of 10 members who had joined the lounge but yet today I don’t participate in it’s daily on goings …Yes I am guilty but I am happy that TWL has progressed and now has many talented members who are part of this lovely blog :)

I just want to mention the name of Pink Orchid aka Kajal who has/had a very big hand in making TWL of what it is today. She would have had a blast today I am sure…She once used to post 3 or 4 posts a day or may be something like 20-25 posts a week on TWL and all used to be gems :).. Kind of missing her on TWL’s birthday..But may she have a happy Future.

Happy Birthday TWL :)


  1. nice words ! and i always like your comments .. so plz do be regular :P

  2. nice write
    be regular soon
    -a newbie's plea

  3. sure ppl...I wd try to be regular..thank you for the "nice words" :D

  4. Hey Anurag, I still miss your writes here ... have not been reading you for a long time...

    The first two lines in the above were absolute beauty!!

    Congratulations to you too, for being here for this long :)


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