July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby... :)

Hey guys,
I am just so happy today...! Our WRITERS LOUNGE turns an year old!!! :) :)
Trust me, THE WRITERS LOUNGE is the best place on earth... a place that gives me the freedom to write what I feel, to say it out freely at any point of the day and that gives me the assurance that anything and everything I say will be heard by someone here! There will be someone here for me...always! :)

TWL has given me something that i'll cherish till eternity... friends! Thank you Ste for bringing me here...to this heaven... yes, it truly is! Thank you Pratibha, Sandeep, Kajal, Asbah, Kingsley, Hashan, Arjun, Vinay, Freelancer, Tan dada, Arun, Sonshu, Nuchu, Roshni, Sona (Roshni's mom)... I just love you guys!! You guys have given me the strength to move on in times so blue... you guys have made me smile like a five-year old...! Life has truly changed after I met you all... there is so much I have learnt from you while talking to you or while reading you here!

Ste, Sandeep and Asbah... kudos to you! You have brought all of us together here as a family, a wonderful family. Great going guys!

Inspite of every problem we have been facing recently, the lounge is going on...its growing each day! Being a part of the admin team, I would proudly accept that it is because of all you guys that we have handled every problem with strength and courage... you guys have been truly amazing!

Thank you for being with us... We are a family, we'll always be one!! We love each one of you here at the lounge.
Welcome back Pratsie... :) We all love you so much!
Keep lounging guys... :)

Happy birthday to our lounge! My best wishes will always be with all of you!
Love to all,


  1. Was waiting to hear from u sis !! well said :) love ya !

  2. @ PS,

    Really? Awww... thanks sis! :)

    Love ya loads!

  3. @ Arun,

    Hate you for that comment! :P

  4. Aiyo aiyo...
    I meant 'i want to comment what exactly prats n FL have commented'....

    dupid gal thinks dupid too... n comes to dupid conclusions...

  5. Wonderful post Artz!! We definitely are a family here... :)

  6. @ arun
    she ain't dupid bro
    she's the biggest dupid :P

  7. @ Arun,

    Dupid uh? ;)

    N FL,

    Tu toh sunday ko mil!

  8. Happy Birthday WL :)

    I m glad to be the part of this family :)

  9. and kudos to u for managing everything artz!
    after kaju, it was u whom I always look forward for help as admin :)

  10. @ Pulkit,

    Thanks a ton! :)
    It gives me so much of happiness to help you all!


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