July 5, 2009

Give Me Red

She was looking at him through bloodshot eyes. Right there, he sat with his friends, with chilled beer in his hand. She was watching him from the bar, sipping through her Martini. In the middle of the music, she was observing him, forgetting about everything else. She would sip through her drink, put the glass down and continue staring. He was laughing. She was loving it.

He noticed her. She did not move her eyes away from him. He looked at her, still laughing. She gave a tilted smile... a wicked one! He was stunned at her beauty. Her copper hair were curled amazingly till below her shoulders. Her red halter dress complemented her slender body. And her eyes... made him whisper, "Oh Gosh!" She waved at him, almost inviting him to the bar. He stood up, leaving his friends behind, and walked across to the bar. He was tall... smart.. and amazingly good looking. She waited for him.

He stood right next to her. The aroma of her cologne was too strong for him to handle. He felt weak in his knees. Never had he met such a strong headed girl. She was alone, he figured that out! They didn't speak to each other. Ultimately, he broke the silence. "Can I get you a drink?"

She gave the wicked smile again. This time it was more killing. Her red lipstick made him crave for her voice. She said, "Sure! Give me red!" He raised an eyebrow and asked, "Excuse me?"
"Red wine! I'm not the cheap drinker!" Impressed by her voice, he ordered the drink for the lady and another beer for himself. As she held the glass in her palms, he asked, "You don't seem to be a regular here. Haven't seen you often!"
"Yeah! I come here only on Fridays. Only on the 13th."
"Oh.. you mean, only on Friday, the 13ths??" And he laughed.
"Yeah." Her eyes were straight. Stuck at him. He met her eyes. Stark Red! A chill ran down his spine. He was scared to death.

She again gave the wicked smile, bent towards him and whispered in his ears, "Thanks for red, honey! Take care! And yeah, welcome to hell." With these last words, he fell on the floor, bleeding from his neck. And she walked away from him, with the same Red Wine glass in her hands. She raised it and whispered, "Cheers."

One of his friends ran to his body on the floor. He then searched for the girl in red. He found her across the floor, with a glass of red wine in her hand, smiling wickedly at them, and raising a toast!
No one saw the girl ever again at that pub!


  1. This was a really good write Shruti! It's unique and I loved it!

  2. i liked it....something mysterious and alluring about the girl

  3. oh man!!!! chilling should be the appropriate word!

  4. Haunting n kinda seductive,,, :-)
    Great work shruti..

  5. @ All
    Thanks a lot!
    Finally, the lounge came up with my kinda theme :D

    PS: The girl was a Vampire (:

  6. Luvd it....u hav a way wid dark writes....awesomely crafted.....red wine makes it all da more alluring! ;)

    well done! :)

  7. hey shruthi its a great write.very spooky and innovative.keep it up dear....


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