July 11, 2009

From College Canteen Metro to Someplace Else

Part I

There are few things that happens miraculously, some because they are written in our destiny. Till 'yesterday', I only knew, it happens only in books, where the author decides the future of the characters for good or bad fortune. But in our case why it happened hot it happened, only time knows and our destiny.


Scene - I

"Why is she sitting here? What does she want?" Pissed off Niva sat on the same bench far far away from me. I said to her, in a low voice, which I believe she couldn't hear," I'll move away after this class"

Scene - II

" Hey you joined in? Great to see you! Come in." "Thanks ", was my reply, not knowing what to expect inside, but I felt comfortable being with her, not even knowing her nicely...

Scene - III

"What?" - SD enquired; I said again, "You coming for the procession?" "No!" I went on to tell something, Niva got irritated and she said, which I didn't hear until I came to know about it later - "Why don't you shut your fucking mouth!!"

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