July 23, 2009

Don't scare me please

This song is dedicated to a friend in lounge. Real scary experience. Please anyone taking sleeping pills send a group message that you will be asleep for 12 hours because someone out there might fear the worst. That does not mean I promote sleeping pills, they are still bad. stay away from them.

the tensions rise so fast
that you don't know what lasts
everytime a bleak of hope comes
things just don't get their pace
I know so much more how awful it feels

But don't scare me please
I know so much more how bad it is
but don't scare me please

Everytime you feel real low
get up and take the vow
Not today but tomorrow
will be the end to your sorrow
Superstar take a break, let in the fresh air, but don't scare me

Superstar I know your life
is different and fast and weird to some
but don't scare me please

The last time it was pills
they gave me the chills
this time I was aghast
fearing the worst
Ring after ring superstar pick up the phone

shout, cry but don't scare me
Ring after ring superstar
real scary time don't scare me please.


  1. this was so so very awesome dude ... just loved it !! and hey superstar .. dnt please scare us !! yu are verrrry dear to us ! cheer up and stand proud !

    once again i wanna read and sing it !! its jst such a strong lyrics !

    u rock AB !!

  2. Oink !!


    Love you loads Pratibha and h :)

    So lovely dedication. I loved the lyrics indeed, as Pratibha pointed.

    Will make you sing soon.


    Thanks again:)

  3. love u as much and more princess !!

  4. @u two don't get mushy over each other here... I wrote the song !!

  5. shuddup Anhri :P we have no such inclinations !! unlike u ;)

  6. unlike me :O ur inclinations in this scenario and mine are totally different :P

  7. whatever u might have understood .. :P

  8. woah..!

    that is a very offside experience to write..
    nonethe less it was a pleasure reading it..!

  9. Lolz! Comment section is more interesting! :D Poem is really nice!


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