July 23, 2009


Remember, remember the 17th of july
writers,friends and lounge.
I see no reason, why The Writer's Lounge
Should ever be forgot.
Remember, remember, the 17th of july
writers,friends and lounge.
A stick or a stake for celebrations' sake
Will you please to give me a toast
If you can't give me one, I'll take two;
The better for me and the best for you!

The Wl meet- Gujucity was glorious..... :D
it had full attendance of members.

The board had- Total strenth-1
Present -1
Absentees -1

written on the top left corner, just like the school days.... :D

So i woke up around 11 am, thought what should i do and how should i celebrate?
Couldnt do much so went to the seashore and decided to have a solitary celebration. the word solitary celebration again was touchy.... the solitary writer... he wasnt there although mumbai wasnt that far from gujucity...
anyways decided that next time i ll join some of you and we ll have a blast....

Well this pic had no mask on it while it was taken by some intelligent and tech savvy fishermen.
But stepMan has appointed me as his sidekick and since i dont have any super power as of now.. he said its not the time to come out.I am late blommer it seems.He faxed me the appointment letter.

And ste designed this new half costume for me....he's a very able person with photoshop you know.

I made this collage for each and every member and visitor off our lounge. Hope you like it..
there's a drink for almost everyone there.... :D
enjoy the toast....

I ll try my best to meet all the members, you mean a lot to me. I am really thankful to god that i meet you guys when i was feelins really down in my life. Thank you all for lifting my spirits.
Hope oneday we may organise a succesful global meet for TWL.

Well the Orange guys couldnt pronounce "writers lounge" and "belated" please bear with them... they are still learning english...I am sure they would have sung well in Dutch.... :D


  1. haha thats typical more orangee

    hehe very funny....wow

    congragulations for being selected as stepMANs sidekick....

    party yays

  2. StepMan's sidekick... Congos on that...

    with grt power comes grt responsibility... :)

  3. ha ha LoLz !! that was super cool !!

  4. I liked the angle of the pic, and the distribution of the colors in the pic. You got some good sense of angles and colors.

    Hope you lend some to StepMAN too. Lol

    CHe3Rs Dude :)




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