July 15, 2009

Demystifying the Vitruvian Boy(More Orangee) Contest !!

Dear Friends,
We cherish this place as our own family.We love writing here and we like knowing people in this lounge.There is one mysterious person in Writers Lounge who needs to be demystified. Now,I announce this contest called "DEMYSTIFYING THE VITRUVIAN BOY" contest. This is not an official contest and hence I am not using the Admin id. This contest is declared 'open'.

Any one can participate.
Everything depends on your guessing work.Try to get as many names as possible.
Write your entry in the comments itself and use CBOX for interaction.Lets celebrate our Lounge birthday in a style.Leave your email id in the comments along with your guess so that we could mail you the gifts :P

Winner will get ebooks of Famous award winning writer Mario Puzo containing the following stories.
1.Fools die.
2.Godfather 1&2.
3.The Dark Arena.
4. The Last Don.
5.The Fourth K

All participants will recieve the following prize.
Harry Potter series containing following ebooks ;-)
Harry Potter and the Half blood prince
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Special prizes to be given by the Vitruvian boy (More Orangee) himself

So,Lets demystify the Vitruvian Boy.Winners will be decided by the mysterious guy himself:-P

PS: Winners will be announced on Writers Lounge day i.e 17th July2009 8pm IST.
Contest is open till 7.50pm on17th July,2009


  1. what?? i have to know ur original name?? err....Ka... :P

  2. Orangeeeeeeeeeee..toh itne dino se isliye nahi bataya tha tera naam !!

  3. Your name?? Hee hee... there's billions of names in the world... how can we guess yours? :) :) :)

  4. He he... must be the tuffest quiz i've taken part in...

    anyways... lemme make the first guess...

    IS IT ARUN? :P

  5. StepMAN has already fixed this contest....

    He named the names.... :D

  6. Virtuan u 've weird obsession wit ORANGE !! Hmm ur name must be

    Rasila Rao
    ROFAL ^_^


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