July 9, 2009

Charcoal Sweat

The candle burns throughout the night,
The dark background highlights the smoke,
and then engulfs it in itself,
as if my thoughts made a gentle stroke.

The effigy burns, everyday,
Protest, sorrow, expectations, frustration,
all these things shine brightly in this fire,
and after a while, go down without liberation.

A paper burns, and with it, burns the ink,
Slow and steady, glows so bright,
Dies down slowly, partially burnt,
The wind carries it with all its might.

A heart burns, rough and sorrowful,
coz of a giant tide that swept happiness away,
The mind consoles the spirit within,
that the burnt portion will heal someday.

_Love and Peace


  1. thats an awesome theme...kinda like the name a lot
    and a helluva signature lol

  2. Great poem :)
    And the signature is really cool =D

  3. Nice work...
    I loved the theme... new n original...

  4. very impressive!

    one of the best i've come across


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