July 22, 2009

Autobiography of a 13 yr old

Hello everyone. I am Riya and I am 19 years old virtually and 13 as per my birth certificate.Well don't get confused between 13 and 19.Being 13 is like curse.Just remember that we are the next big thing on earth.We have entered our teenage and yup we are unstoppable. Well,now I'm going to write about the difficulties that people of my age face. Let me write two separate parts .One of them will be the difficulties faced in real world and the other one in Virtual world.Bohoooo!!! don't think that I am stupid.After reading this if you call me a kid ,bachhuu ,or baby ,then I will break your head into two equal halves.Well yup you can call me baby in other sense *blushes * but not the one referring to age. Bohooo!!!!Lets shoot!! Where is the gun :P

Real World.
Other day Momma was doing some important office work and I soon grabbed this opportunity to watch my favourite shinchan.Damn! how cute and naughty Shinchan is.I love this naughty guy.I ran towards the drawing room to check if no one was watching TV. Damn!My brother was watching highlights of India-Australia World cup match."I want to watch Sinchan,bhai let me see naa," I requested.
"Bhaiyya please," I cried.
He did not budge nor spoke a word.
"Abhey motte,dinosaur ke miniature form," I got angry and ran away.
I ran towards my room and started studying once again.

My brother has been a big problem for me.Wait till I get to know his girlfriends name.
The other day I impersonated him and spoke to his girlfriend.Her voice was cute,but Riya doesn't gives a damn about it.I even kissed her on phone.The other day my brother came to know about this.He started his dialogues.
"Hey Ullu,Saaand,Rhinosauras ki bachhi," and was going on.
Even Mumma feels brother deserves the best and thinks that I am dumb.My parents love
that Mottu and not me. You know some great baba said that it is difficult to think and behave like a 13 yr old.Ask a 30 yr old man to behave like a 13 yr old.Bohoo!!I can do it as I'm 13 hahaha.Not funny!!!Haa!.
Papa brings just 1 cadbury chocolates for me.He says that since I'm a kid I could get germs and cavities on my teeth.

Virtual World.
Most of the time my fat and stout brother would be watching highlights of cricket matches that were played few decades ago.Such a loser my brother is.My brother doesn't allows me to use the PC.Few times when he is out I could use the computer.But I have to take care that no one is watching me.Let me share my first experience in a yahoo chatroom.It was 2 years ago that I was studying in class 5th and my dad got us an internet connection.No one was at home.I soon made a yahoo and gmail id which were same.It was emma.hudson11. I logged into Yahoo Messenger using this id.As soon as I entered one of the chatrooms,I was scared.My PC was flooded with instant messages.I didn't knew what to do.I was afraid and was aware of the consequences.I was closing the instant chats one by one. Those guys were asking for asl's and many things.
ashiq:hey sexy emma.
emma.hudson11: hi!
ashiq: asl pls

I never knew meaning of asl.I soon called my best friend who knew a to z of internet and chats.She told me that asl stands for age,sex and location.

emma.hudson11: 11 female Delhi.
ashiq: oh bachhi!! haha go to school kid.
emma.hudson11: hey don't call me kid.
ashiq: Bye.

I was angry on ashiq.From that day itself I changed my so called asl to 19f Mumbai.I live in delhi and since then I am 19 for all the virtual guys.This will continue till I actually celebrate my 19th birthday.Recently Less Mango ,one of my close friend in virtual world invited me to a group chat with his friends Tee,Notfreedancer and Bijay in gmail.I liked chatting to them.But thing is that at the end of the chat people know my real age.Then they all would tease me by calling me kid ,baby,bachhi and so on.Notfreedancer called me a kid and I got vexed. "The goats young one is called Kid," I used to say.

Uh Huh!!I'm very upset and said.Virtual guys search for girls of their age and what will happen to people like me. God!I forgot to write my Maths homework.My teacher will kick me out the class.Let me write it beforehand or else I'm dead.


  1. Notfreedancer??? NotFREEDANCER!!!

  2. Lol...

    A very different sort of a post from you Ste...

    Enjoyed it! :D

  3. wow...dis vry gud n quite different
    good work ste...!!!

  4. i knew it.....i knew it.....i knew it.....

    I always knew that u were a woman trapped in a mans body.....it takes courage revealing the truth....i am proud of u ste for accepting n announcing the 'riya' in u....well done!!

  5. i knew it.....i knew it.....i knew it.....

    I always knew that u were a woman trapped in a mans body.....it takes courage revealing the truth....i am proud of u ste for accepting n announcing the 'riya' in u....well done!!

  6. shut up idiot.
    this is my frnds story nd i wrote it for her...

    u fool

    u shd knw that


    nd like u

  7. Good one Ste... different and unique... great!!

  8. LOL..

    and a bigger LOL @ SB's comments :)

  9. hey ste until the end i really thought some girl has written it.its soo sweet..thats what exactly i felt like when i was 13..hmmm.thanx for writing it.it brought back lots of memories of my teens.

  10. thats exactly what i did ...i started chatting wheen i was in eight class and had a fake identity and faked my a/s/l to 21/f/mumbai...

    but now tht i am really 21 i dont do it anymore...

    u only need to wait till u really r 19


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