July 22, 2009

Acrostic after a long time! :)

Protective about each other
Ever playing pranks
Never will they part their ways
God knows why they met so late
Unleashing their secrets
In no time
Now inseparable they are

Glowing is their friendship
Radiance personified
A thought for a second
Smiles are back on the lips
Sadness fades away
Heaven smiles at them
Oh, it feels so great
Praying that the saga continues
Praying that it gets better
Ever if you need me grasshopper
Rest assured you be, I AM HERE!


  1. aw.....so sweet honey
    i wil always need yu...its true

  2. Yes, a very good poem...
    ... this can always be a way to write Acrostics... no rule can bind the flow of thoughts...

    I enjoyed reading - as much as I enjoy a friendship... moments to cherish!!

  3. apt nd so beautiful! good goin Artz! :)

  4. God Bless :)

    lovely acrostic da :)

  5. very heartfelt words .. acrostic or not ... it says all about any friends ... loved it

  6. aww nice acrostics

    hope grasshopper nd penguin remain frnds forver

  7. @ Tan da,

    Thank you... very well said...

    Thoughts can never be chained! :)

  8. @ Ste,

    Finally! At least someone is ready to call us FRIENDS! :)

    Thank you! Am glad! :)

  9. nice acrostic..is it a continuation 2d series tat u guys have been posting? ;)


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