June 15, 2009

Writing In Writer's Lounge

I write in what?
the Writer's Lounge,
where words strut.
In art I plunge.

In 'very craft,
my hand did try.
But my mind's raft
are words that cry.

Life's always dull.
And when c'lor hides,
black and white's pal
are words on sides.

In every way,
In writer's lounge
wish i could stay.
But Leaving I'm obliged.

I will be gone
for days at time.
But when I'm done,
I'll return to rhyme.

Hi! I am new here and unfortunately, hours after joining writer's lounge, I will be leaving for some place without internet connection. I sure do hope you all understand and this poem i wrote just for this moment.

Anyway, I have to introduce myself first as I am very new here. I am Jethro, but I prefer to write my name as Jethro08 and Theo Jr (Theo Jr are based on the jumbled letters of jethro). My blog is located here if you are interested, myTruth. I write all about my attempt to change my life and everything that affects me.

By a few hours from now, I will be on the road and I will be returning after a few days.


  1. Welcome to the lounge Jethro...

    Its a pleasure to have you with us!

    The poem was really sweet! The last lines reminded me of Leo from the lounge... :)

    Come back soon! :)

  2. welcome !! this was a nice write .. will be glad to read more form you once you are back .. travel safe !!

  3. Welcome! Nice poem, looking forward to more of your writes!

  4. welcome dude
    nice beginning...come back safe


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