June 15, 2009

The Perfect You...

Overcome a fear
Laugh out loud
Break the silence
Speak to the crowd

Feel the joy
Taste the wind
Breathe the stars

Know her sadness
Heal his pain
Listen closely
Receive the same

Model kindness
Wear peace
Show mercy
Act the least

Make a promise
Give from the heart
Take and return
End and restart

Rise from the bottom
Soar from the deep
Smile and rest
Desire and seek

Learn from the secrets
Read between the lines
Feel the thirst for truth
Look for the sighs

Sing and dance
Love and live
And remember you get
Whatever you give

I'm getting back to my motivational writings :D
I hope this was good, though I know the lines hardly make some sense, but it deep :P

Till the next time,


  1. loved reading this !!

  2. "And remember you get
    Whatever you give"

    the truth 4vr!!..nice work!!

  3. Awesome....kewl gal....i wil write a continuation of it...but exactly the opposite of it...lol

  4. lovely write... enthusiastic.... n inspiring...

  5. @H
    Thanks...as always sweet n short comment :P


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