June 15, 2009


Hai all,
Trust all of you are doing great. I was thinking what to put up today as wasn’t getting any ideas. But prior to going about a posting, wanted your opinions on a couple of things:

1) Should I still continue with my ‘stories’/ ‘narration’s’ which I have done so far and follow it up with the poem on weekends?..Something tells me it may tend the bore the reader and may not be a wise idea. Anyways, please suggest!!

2) I have a list of both English and Hindi songs, mostly dated, that I listen to without any reason!. In the case of Hindi one’s, something in it would have made me relate to it and so it would’ve made me FIDA over it!. What I intend to do, through youtube, can I share those songs with you to see what you think about the song?

Do let me know as I wasn’t able to get any ideas for any new work nor was I in a mood to go about my narrations. Waiting for your opinions before proceeding further! Thanks for your time and happy blogging..MAJAA MAADI as we say here!!


  1. About your stories, I read your latest post earlier, before I was a member of writer's lounge and I wanted to comment but I can't.

    Anyway, loved your story.

    About the songs, I can't understand hindi so I won't be commenting on it.

    I am glad I could join you all here in writer's lounge.

  2. @ Theo Jr,
    Welcome to the lounge... :)

    @ Chinmaya,

    I thing you should try something different... as far as the narrations are concerned.

    Songs... won't be a good idea I think so!

    But...these are just meant to be taken as 'suggestions'... you are free to write anything you feel like... :)

  3. hmmm....nice thought
    i wud say keep narrations and poems separate.... it wud be much cool...

    n bout the songs...better avoid it...

  4. hmmm

    Hi C!
    You are free to write anything here, but forgive me for being blunt, but yes, sometimes reading the narration is quiet monotonous..hmmm...it would be fine if u make it a weekly or twice a week affair...:D

    And yeah, I agree with Fl..keep them seperate :D

    But I love readin you..so anything coming from you is good :)

    And about the songs...hmm...no idea :D

  5. @Theo,welcome 2 tis place!!..maybe others wud welcome in u a better manner..me new as well!!

  6. @Aarthi,am in a bad state..:(.cant think of new..but wil try!

  7. @Rose, am happy some1 likes my work!!..u made my day :)
    else,will think something new 4 sure!

  8. write what you want, why ask people what u want to write...just a thought :)


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